Romantic Barbed Wire

barbed wire

Now for your engagement shoot, I’m thinking we’ll just make you blurry blobs in the background and what I really want to focus on is the barbed wire fence post. What do you think?

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  1. All dressed up, a beautiful local, loving embrace, excellent focus, lighting and composition… Oh! Never mind! That’s the photo in my other window.

  2. Would have been pretty crappy even with the couple in focus. God only knows what goes through the minds of these people when they “compose” a masterpiece. I’d love to see the wedding shots.

  3. Maybe it’s the pole and wire that are getting hitched….

  4. Bwhaha, hope they didn’t pay for these photos

  5. Jessica Clare

    Y’all are shitty people. These are my fall pictures with my husband and we like the pictures. I don’t know why irrelevant people create articles/comment belittling a photographer when she has never claimed to be professional, she just so happens to be a really good childhood friend of mine who had JUST started taking pictures and we were one of her first couples. And I think she did a great job.

  6. Rude people!! Y’all know nothing about the photo, photographer, or couple. The photographer was just starting out, everyone has to start somewhere, and learn, and go from there. And every photographer has a reason behind the photos they take. Maybe others should start critiquing every photo you so called photographer post.

    • Jessica Jones

      I guess these critics were just born knowing everything about professional photography.

    • I know about the photographer! She’s the lady who posted the Christmas photo with the wife and daughter bound and gagged with the father and son are sitting back with some sign that reads Peace on Earth or something. It was on the news last Christmas. So………..yeah. She takes bad photos and promotes violence against women. The More You Know.

    • jaydeebee

      I know all I need to about this photo. It’s not focused on the subject.

      Look, everybody takes bad photos from time to time, even the pros. This one should have been deleted in-camera, not posted in public with the watermark on it. That, as much as anything else, is the mark of an amateur.

    • Sure I agree, clueless is a reason.

  7. I actually like the photo, it’s different. I have seen this photographer’s work and I think for just starting out she is going a great job. Don’t like her stuff, then don’t hire her. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.

  8. Where I’m from barbed wire is everywhere we go. It’s life. It’s a symbol. People are psychotic if this is all they can find. Whoever made this you need a life and you aren’t a journalist lmao ? get a life!

  9. Jessica Jones

    How nice! An entire website dedicated to tearing good people down! And for what?! Whatever view you hold when looking at someone else’s artwork is an OPINION. (And we all know what those are like) Do unto others as you would done unto you. Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make your glow brighter!!

  10. I love the picture. It has a rustic country look while still keeping their private moment semi private. Brilliant!

  11. reddit armie

    le reddit armie hath arrivethest

  12. Auto focus gone wrong?

  13. that looks like an out of focus walking dead out take.

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