Reflections Are A B*tch


We can see you Mr. Fauxtog!

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  1. S-L-O-P-P-Y. Another way to spell fauxtog. A shame too cause there is potential in the pic. I would have lost the crappy background and gone with classic black to emphasize the highlight on her even more. I guess the biggest issue is, like most faux postings, is that they don’t even see what they did wrong (nor care) and show it off to the world.

    • The last time I shot a motorcycle I sprayed cooking spray on the mirror-like parts. Yeah, I had to clean it all off afterwards but not only did it eliminate reflections but it also made them brighter.

  2. I like the dark, brooding, industrial-type background. The only issue is the reflections but that can (and should have been) addressed.

  3. Also: Shouldn’t be on this list. Okay, the reflection sucks, but this can be fixed. I would call this an unfinisher picture or work in progress, but not “fauxtography”… You should rethink your upload policy since it’s pretty insulting for a photographer to end up on this website…

  4. theCharlieScott

    Yeah; you CAN see the reflections, but who’s looking?

    Spray is too much trouble, but they do make dulling sprays, or a gaussian blur would do nicely. Time spent fixing: 15 seconds

    • This s when retouchers put an image up on It actually takes quite a bit of finesse to remove reflection from chrome and make it look realistic. The goal should be as clean as possibly but still undeniably chrome. Blurring or texturizing it is just a hack fix.

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