Red Headed Vampire

We’re not sure if they were trying to make her look like a sparkly undead, but even if that was the goal here, the result is just awful…

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  1. Who vomited on the photo?

  2. too bad a not so awful shot was completely destroyed by really bad- REALLY bad editing :-/

  3. I don’t even know what to say… I started with Why then Who then What the… and couldn’t finish. That is nothing short of a train wreck.

  4. I wonder if they paid for this photo? Or if it ended up on the peoples court..

  5. Ipshwitz

    They probably not only paid for it, but gushed compliments upon the photographer about how amazing it is.

  6. I wonder why people keep buying the cameras with the “crappy shot” settings… weird.

  7. W T F

  8. mimi.of.6

    a bit over processed??????

  9. GoneFusion

    come on guys…quit “clowning” around…oh, whoops!

  10. Too bad, the shot of the girl itself is actually pretty good; this is clearly someone who needs to have their Photoshop access restricted.

  11. Why would anyone think that looks good?

  12. TollToll

    Want to know how I got these scars?

  13. Wow! I didn’t know they still made those wax candy lips! I haven’t seen those since I was a kid.

  14. More transvestite than undead but scary nonetheless.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Man, that dude is gonna be PISSED when he views his proofs.

  15. Well done to this Photog on having the worst edited picture on this site.

  16. no one special

    I could understand this pic if there was a caption under it, “This is my Ex.”

  17. Why so serious?

  18. Bad colour editing aside, what’s with the seemingly random blurring? That’s not bad AF-area selection, but there’s no sense to it unless they were going for some kind of tilt-shift look….or were trying to clone-stamp and smudge-tool out a huge scar or facial tattoo or something.

  19. TollToll

    Seriously, is this a dude?

  20. Ciao_Chao

    I thought vampires didn’t show up on cameras.

  21. my favorite part is how they tried to make the watermark look like it was a tattoo on her arm….GEEZZ! I honestly feel bad for this lady/whatever the heck she is. Either she got her pics back and cried for a month, or she got them back and loved them….not sure under which scenario I should feel more badly for her……

  22. I would love to come up with something witty and profound after seeing this but all I have is, honestly, WTF?

  23. I’m confused. No matter which side of the photo-retouch debate you fall on, we can pretty much agree that photo-retouching is generally used to remove/minimize things like dark under-eye circles, uneven facial coloring, and shadows that obscure the model’s facial features. It appears this fauxtog has used photo-retouching to ADD all three of those things. Also love the way her poorly-drawn lipstick appears to be hovering several inches away from her face.

  24. Another low. Thanks YANAP.
    Not sure that image was good before processing. Looks to me that the exposure was very bad to begin with, and the processing was done to cover that up.

  25. It’s just… well literally unbelieveable.

    It’s like the fotog ruined it with a bit of editing, and then lost the undo button, so just had to keep going and keep going trying to save it but making it worse. Does make you wonder what’s underneath all the editing that they felt this was better than the original.

    I mean seriously, who sits back, looks at this and says “yup, that’s what I wanted”

  26. Fauxtog – STEP AWAY FROM THE PHOTOSHOP. SLOWLY. JUST BACK UP. There you go. Put down the blur tool. Let go of the vignette. Just walk away. It’s okay. Wait, drop that saturation tool in your pocket. Set it down. There you go. Easy, easy.

  27. Why are the photos on this site getting worse? Wow. Just…wow.

  28. Homer! You’ve left your makeup shotgun set to whore!

  29. Hanimex Omelette

    I really didn’t think I had picked Amanita Muscaria on my last Mycological hike, but I might be wrong.

  30. My first thought was trans…just because of the strength of the make-up color, which is more common among MTFs who need to downplay their male features. And then maybe that wasn’t sufficient, so the faux just wrecked it.

  31. Obviously an example of a fauxtog’s work… straight from the camera rubbish!

  32. Yani Dueri

    I know i’m not the only one thinking this looks like a manly man wearing make up?

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