Red Eye Red Drink

C’mon fauxtog, you really couldn’t even edit out the red eye?!

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  1. Nice fake drink…

  2. Edit? EDIT? REAL photographers DONT edit! they capture the moment and keep it REAL!
    [kidding, dont flame me]

  3. no one special

    how in the… picture is angled, great, i get the need to be faux-edgy, but how in the … Her nose can NOT be that far out of alignment with the rest of her head!

  4. This is just awful all over. Seeing her shoe or whatever in the background, that ugly blanket, the red eye….bleah.

  5. WHO IN THE FUCK LOOKS AT THIS AND SEES ANYTHING BUT TRASH?!?! Really, some people really need to drop the photography act. If it’s a hobby, then call it what it is.

  6. No way is that a photo the ‘tog intended as a professional work.
    No, freaking, way.

  7. To be fair, it doesn’t have a watermark or anything, so it’s probably not meant to be professional. They probably just wanted to capture the awesome bending of physics laws that is happening here, as the photo’s subject tilts her glass, but the liquid DOESN’T MOVE. Seriously, who can think about red-eye at a moment like this?

  8. oops, my bad, I noticed the posters’ handle. I guess she does think this is pro quality…

  9. Ok, knowing that the model is not to blame for this, all I see is a hooker. That’s what I see. Yes, I’m dirty-minded. I have to see an angel with red eyes with a shaken, not stirred red Martini, and all I see is a tatooed hooker waiting to do her job. Sorry again. Dirty-minded.

  10. deadeye

    Well like i said to the ossifer , i wasn’t soliciting , i was looking for a lift is all.

  11. Wait, the real thing to catch on this one is the rotation of the camera. So doens’t work with tilty-drink. Unless fauxtog had a sideways gravity machine that day…

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