Red Arm


Probably the most random use of selective coloring we’ve seen…

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  1. Wait, The only thing colored red is PART of the arm of the chair? And the men are tilted at an angle? I’m at a loss for words …

  2. Blancheska

    Oh my, I;m dizzy just looking at it!

  3. I love how the one gent is able to resist gravity by using the large arm of the chair. Any second now the gent on the chest is going for a slide. Maybe that’s why his pose is so awkward as it somehow helps him resists gravity’s call. But at times like this I wish we could ask the faketog questions like, “what the heck is so important about that arm and a bit of the table’s leg that requires a little colour?”.

  4. red white and black??? subtle message from the illuminati? new world oreder? lol

    • BurninBiomass

      Red arm = Red Army? Maybe its a communist thing.
      You are right, this image is some type of coded message.

  5. A Photographer

    Did they make the chair from the dress of the little girl from Schindler’s List?

  6. I see something like this, and I really have to wonder if it is part of a grouping..perhaps a rebus or puzzle? Maybe there is another with the same two people and everything is B&W except for one man’s left sock. Please tell me this is the case…else the lack of logic will only give me messed up dreams about a world where gravity and the chromaticity are both slowly decaying into the Nothing and life as we know it is about to collapse into an early 1960s avant garde hell.

  7. Annoyed

    Wow! Selective coloring, inappropriate use of Dutch angle AND a blown out window? You’ve just hit the Fauxtog Trifecta! Congratulations!

  8. I’m impressed–the Mystery Spot has really stepped up the souvenir photos they sell to their guests!

  9. What school of photography has been training people to use an angle like that when shooting photos? I’ve seen this more than once now from people who’ve supposedly been trained.

    • funny the things you can learn with an education.

      • I know what it’s called, but…I’ve seen family photos with this now. It’s so weird.

      • If you know what it’s called why are you asking what school of photography would be teaching people to shoot like that? It’s a legitimate technique with history.

    • Annoyed

      Thom, I agree. There are a couple of local fauxtogs around here who use and abuse it. Weddings, engagements, babies, families, etc. It’s awful. One pic that I saw actually made me dizzy to look at it.

  10. What’s with the “wacky angle”?

    Photography 101.

    1) Point camera in right direction.
    2) Make sure camera is level ( you are not working on a wacky TV music show! )
    3) etc….

  11. When I saw the red I actually laughed out loud.

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