Rebel Angel

What the heck?

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  1. Could have been a decent picture without the ‘lovely’ photoshop work.

  2. ThreeEPhotography

    I usually never comment, but WTH is this? I am dumbfounded!

  3. The weird thing is, I think it might have been an okay shot without crappy editing. The lighting looks just fine. So how the heck do you know how to do that and NOT know that this is a terrible editing idea??

    • The lighting was probably pure accident.

      • A photographer

        Yes, remember one of the rules of fauxtography: anyone can take a good picture but only a true artist can ruin it in Photoshop.

  4. Wsroadrunner

    More like What the F***?

  5. The camera hanging on her necklace is even embarrassed about this.

  6. Wsroadrunner

    Looks like she’s about to wet herself..

  7. ithurtswhenipee

    Unflattering pose, poor crop.

  8. What’s with the blue and red scribbles?

  9. She looks like she is trying to hold in a fart..very unflattering…and the editing..well there are no words for that.

  10. A fauxtog finally got the lighting right and then they screwed it up with all that other crap. Sign. . .

  11. editormum

    I think the only possible good in this is the lighting. The pose is horrible. She looks like she is having very bad cramps or needs to go to the bathroom. Even her facial expression is like, “Can I just have a Percocet, please?”
    And the scribbly things? They clash with her jeans AND they are poorly placed. If they are supposed to be wings, then one of them should have been flipped and they should be inserted behind her shoulders, not on top of them.

    • Timothy

      I find a serious issue with the quality of the lighting, it’s rather flat and there was no technique used to create separation from the background.
      The image also lacks decent contrast.

      • Yeah, it’s not excellent or anything, you’d just think that this person somewhat knows what they’re doing at least more than most of the fauxtogs that end up here.

  12. Awkward pose. It looks as if she is doing the pee dance.

  13. David Gutierrez

    I like her necklace

  14. As far as the lighting….even a blind hog will get an acorn from time to time.

  15. The lighting is just OK. A lady this pretty should be lit more specularly and with higher contrast.

  16. I wonder, actually, if SHE is the fauxtographer… She might not have had a decent tripod and had to lean down to the camera lens. Just wondering because of the position of her right arm and her necklace…

  17. those things on her arms…are supposed to be wings?

  18. Any halfway competent photographer could make amazing pictures with that model, since she at least is somewhat photogenic. This proves that an incompetent photographer can make an amazingly bad image with her.

  19. Philippos

    The “wings” look like a signature, as both the red and the blue shape are the same.
    The woman is beautiful enough to make a vey good photo, but her jeans are too “loud” as opposed to her shirt and the background. Posture is also all wrong…
    The sad thing is that this could have been a decent picture…

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