Raggedy Anger

You’ve heard of Raggedy Ann? Well meet her much less pleasant older sister, Raggedy Anger!

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  1. artie fufkin

    their white trash balance is way off

  2. AbsyntheGreene

    I can’t find a believable context in which this picture makes sense.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      And, yes, I know, it’s a photograph, not a picture. But photograph is perhaps too large a compliment for this particular instance.

    • *sigh* juggalos

      • AbsyntheGreene


      • @AbsyntheGreene
        Juggalos are what the Insane Clown Posse fans/life-stylers call themselves.

      • AbsyntheGreene

        Never heard of that before, thanks for the info. I did wonder if it maybe was an ad for something like “Angry Clowns Demolition Service”.

  3. artie fufkin FTW!! HAHAHA That’s perfect.

  4. Could be for some weird project…but the lighting and tone are all over the place…Who thought it would be a good idea to make her/he/it arms b/w?

  5. Gross.

  6. Hanimex Omelette

    Red, White, and Blue. Very Patriotic!

  7. I’d feel blue and angry after I received this image from a photographer.

  8. i think she really needs a bigger hammer. an axe would be even more awesome. OH, and a faygo in the other hand.

  9. Insanehmong

    You mean to say, this was in someone’s “professional” portfolio?

  10. I know where this is from actually. This isn’t even as bad as some of the others…

  11. look! Johnny Depp put on a couple of pounds, but Tim Burton is still proud.

  12. Esa gente se hacen llamar fotografos?

  13. Jillian

    Is her skin naturally that grey? My goodness. Get some lotion and get out of the dark woman!

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