Put a Ring On It

The poor bride-to-be obviously has some sort of horrible rash.


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  1. Why oh why oh why oh why oh why. I simply do not understand.

  2. are you serious?! How lazy are you to do such a crappy spot color job?!

  3. Eeeuuuuuu.


  5. My husband says it’s because she’s a zombie. There is no other explaination.

  6. Didn’t you know the ring is what brings color back to your life. The sad thing about this is that it is pointless…the ring is colorless….if it was a ruby or emerald then yes that might makes sense but it is a cheap ring…ugh some people don’t understand!

  7. it looks like the ring is sucking the life out of her already.

  8. Anonymous

    She’s got a great manicure though.

  9. thats just pointless hopefully this person isnt doing their wedding. this is just an example of no taste level and you need that in this profession.

  10. I do NOT understand! The ring looks the same in colour or black and white…why, why, WHY?

  11. It looks like the zombies got her.

  12. WOW….no words for this work of art.

  13. And before anyone says anything, this person is indeed selling services as a “photographer”. Craigslist is a virtual gold mine of stuff like this.

  14. skynigurl

    If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.
    If you hate it, then you should do a crappy spot color job on it.

  15. I suspect this is a full colour photo showing a vampire with a particularly bad touch of inflammation. To assume the photo has been spot coloured is just wrong. As to how the photographer managed to capture a vampire image – that is the mark of a professional!!

  16. A photographer

    When a ring swells up your finger like that, it’s too small.

  17. I just don’t get this. The ring doesn’t need color, and the whole thing would have been fine in b+w. I’ll never understand circular spot color at all. It never, ever works. That’s like a level or two or fifty worse than carefully done (but still usually tacky) spot color itself.

    • I’d be willing to bet they didn’t know how to change the size of the brush tool when they were spot coloring an that’s how it ended up being so much larger than the ring. That and they’re lazy/incompetent.

  18. That must be the One Ring to rule them all.

  19. Some weird form of Vitiligo???

  20. oh my god

  21. Anonymous

    okay… SO… i hate admitting this like this on this site, but it’s something that i have learned from so i guess i can admit it. 🙁 i have done spot coloring on a ring before. however, it was just the ring and not all weird like this. it just so happened that the diamonds in the ring actually picked up a lot of color from the surroundings… however… i have learned since then that spot coloring is RARELY acceptable. i just don’t use it anymore… unless asked by the subject… other than that, it’s not by my own free will!

  22. elizabeth

    Well, you know the ring’s gotta be fake. If you can afford a ring like that, you have to be able to afford an actual, real live photographer.

  23. ithurtswhenipee

    Even if this was in all b&w or all color – when you photograph hand(s) you don’t randomly crop out fingers.

  24. To have all your questions answered just ask Missy! https://youarenotaphotographer.com/mwac-attack/

  25. You’d think someone with such a large diamond would be able to pay for a better photographer….unless…

  26. Corpse bride!!

  27. I don’t think that ring could be any more obvious that it’s fake. Bet that picture actually cost more than the ring. That’s cracker jack level quality there.

    As for the picture. It should be burned… The computer that created it should be burned, chopped up, and buried in the ground.

  28. Poor use of spot coloring, a good example of either an under powered computer trying to run photoshop or a picnick user.

    If the ring were some color – Maybe, maybe… but do the selection properly. And don’t show it to anyone other than the client – don’t use this as your portfolio image.

    Nice lighting though and good (fairly) focus.

  29. The hand also needs a new manicurist.

  30. That’s a Google picasa job. I’ve seen that before, a friend of mine had just picked up a camera and was trying to impress me with his spot colouring. I asked him what he’d used and it was Picasa.

  31. At least they attempted the rule of thirds with the ring.

  32. Ohh that’s just painful! Why?? Couldn’t they see how crappy it looked?? If you aren’t going to do it right don’t do it at all!

  33. Anonymous

    Nice to see the main subject was centered or put in the thirds. Too bad the shitty spot coloring extends onto the finger making a bad snapshot look worse.

  34. Well, *someone* has ruined a perfectly decent ring photo, and it wasn’t me. For shame, fauxtog, for shame.

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