Client – “So I’d really like the focus of my portrait to be my fist!”

Fauxtog – “Awesome idea Bro!”

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  1. thuglife!

  2. you mean “brah”

    • Nothing says hard like silky skin and pink lettering on your clothes…

  3. Autofocus on the job!

  4. And such an effective use of lighting. Adds to the impact.

    • A photographer

      Can you make it look like I don’t have any brains?

      Sure, that hat will make it appear that the top of your head has been surgically removed.

  5. Hey have ai been banned from this page or something, I do not see my comments coming up at all!!

  6. It is actually a brilliant photo. If it was intended to look that way from the start. I like the lighting.

  7. It seems under exposed to me.. I don’t find the focuse that bad, but it would have been more interesting if he had a tatoo or something that could help tell a better story.

  8. Not a bad photo at all, have no idea why it’s on this blog.

  9. Victoria

    I don’t mind this one so much… if I knew the story behind it, I might like it. I agree with Iorea, if he had tattoos on his knuckles or something the photo would be pretty cool. I like the lighting.

  10. It’s the last thing Juggalette stacie saw before she “fell down the stairs”.

  11. I think someone fell asleep during the backlighting demo, an perhaps the whole class, lol!

  12. I don’t see anything too wrong with this photo…the light is effective to add drama, and the focus? So it’s not focused on the person…there isn’t anything saying you HAVE to focus on the person EVERY time…stop being prude people =)

  13. I think it’s actually pretty solid. Makes me think of the Beastie Boys. It’s got a nice 90’s white-kid punk/knock-your-teeth-out-in-a-back-alley kind of feel to it. So it’s not a ‘textbook’ portrait? Who cares. It’s art. Color outside the lines a little, people!

  14. smokecrack


    the picture I’m assuming he tried to copy.

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