Pucker Up

I don’t even know how they did that.




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  1. Wsroadrunner

    I dont want to know….

  2. They did it poorly!

  3. Black and white? Check
    Stupid photo effects? Check
    Trendy fake glasses? Check
    Color Spotting? Check

    This picture is perfect.

  4. should be printed big. On velvet.

  5. This is one of the very few pictures on this site that make me nauseous. Brrr.

  6. To be honest with you, I really don’t hate this photo. There’s something a bit charming about it.

    So the photographer fell into the selective color cliche… but not the worst use of this and the photo itself is rather flattering.

    This photo doesn’t deserve bashing.

    • i quite agree. i actrually like this one. its a bit odd, but i like odd. its not really horrific, its just a bit weird.

  7. And to be honest with you, I wish more of you “photographers” who leave comments on this website actually provided a link to your own work. You’re willing to dish it out, but you’re not willing to expose your own work to criticism.

  8. i honestly dont know what to say. i can get the impression that whoever shot this was using a chipped paint stamp from defiant art to give it a vintage photo look. id be more comfortable with it if there were no spot coloring and hipster shades but other than that, i really have no critiques to give. 😡 its a weird edit but thats about it.

  9. This isn’t really that bad.

  10. This is less of a photography issue and more of a “Please learn how to use Photoshop” issue.

    It looks like it was just a school photo plastered with some grunge brushes and a Luminosity layer of red on the lips. If both of those effects were scaled back, this wouldn’t be so hard on the eyes. It also looks like they pasted the glasses on after-the-fact. If this was a senior photo, it’d be awful, but this looks like something someone just starting Photoshop did for fun.

    As long as nobody paid for it.

  11. Its not hard to figure out how this was one..
    The color picture was duplicated and desaturated.Then a layer mask was put on the black and white photo and they masked out the lips..
    Its a possibility that that is the girls original color lipstick just with the saturation bumped way up.
    They then chose either a brush or an already created texture and applied it and messed with the layer properies/opacity..
    If the texture wasnt black and white then they made it black and white to blend in with the photo

    This isnt a bad image.Ive seen worse hanging in freakin museums 😉
    But no the how to’s on this is basic photoshop knowledge..

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