Professional Picnik Editor

Quote : ” *Bleep* Photography can also take your existing photos and edit them for you. ”

Well praise Picnik, just what I’ve always wanted! Take my poor quality self pics and change them into something even worse…

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  1. If people are dumb enough to pay them, they deserve to lose their money

  2. what’re they going to do when picnik shuts down??! there goes their business.

  3. Nice eyebrows.

  4. No need in spending a grand on PS when your total lack of skill can be exploited for free.

  5. Wsroadrunner

    So let me get this straight, they can take a persons craptastic selfie mirror shots and make them just as bad as before? What a concept.

  6. DeAnna

    I’m lol-ing. Thanks. 🙂

  7. And this is what scares me about the developers of photo editing software making it easier to use for the average fauxtog. There is so much more carnage like this to come…

  8. squirrelnut1416

    i like how the first chick put eye shadow under her eye so it looks like she got punched. good thing the fauxtog new to highlight that.

  9. You can’t fix skank. But in the grand scheme of things..the after versions do “look better” than the before. :-p

  10. For some reason when I look at these images I think of “The Sims” computer game. All they need now is the duck face pose to complete them.

  11. Falcon Gtho

    Umm, Im guessing this is the same chick. Theres “studded snow tires” so I guess its not a stretch to imagine a “studded face”. Perhaps she needs traction when going down? D’OH~!

  12. Pepper

    This is a quote from someone ( picnik etc user )on facebook that i once had as a friend

    Got a photo you love, but want it to stand out?? Send it to me by e mail for several different effects on it, all for £25.

  13. People PAY people to apply crappy effects on a FREE website? Why? LOL, there are professional restorers out there who actually *can* restore and improve photos, not just oversaturate them and apply cheesy effects that make them look like something a 12-year-old girl would do. I say more power to this fauxtographer (fauxeditor?) if there are people this stupid. Ka-ching. (P.S. E-mail me a photo and $10, and I’ll apply a single Photoshop–real, not freebie crap–and send it back to you. Bring it on!)

  14. P.S. to my post: *Photoshop filter

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