Pro Collage

Aw look, this fauxtog put together an awesome “what not to do” compilation. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t trying to…

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  1. yep, thats a big ole piece of poopie

  2. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. My husband, a TRUE professional, has done some absolutely stunning “collage”s….THIS is not it.

  3. Did they got lazy?

  4. get*

  5. MurphysMommy

    Love the shot in the car….I know that’s the ideal setting for my family pictures.

  6. Wsroadrunner

    Looks like the dog ate the pictures and threw them up… pretty bad when even a sog can’t stomache fauxtography

  7. From what I could read of the comment it doesn’t sound like they are necessarily the photog’s photos used to make the collage; just that they were asked to put them together. Now, it’s definitely not designed well, but I’m not sure the bad photos are the fault of the photog in this case.

    • Annoyed

      You can take crap photos and put them together is a half decent collage. This is not the case with this hot mess.

  8. Some say there is beauty in Chaos. This image essentially throws that idea out the window. To much clutter and so many bad images to choose from!

  9. What’s with the black hole in the corner?

  10. Yeah – I wish you hadn’t blurred out the comment that the photographer left defending this…

    I honestly don’t think he/she took any of the photos – I think they were given the images and asked to make a collage for the client.

    And if this is the best they can do – don’t post it on Facebook.

  11. Hmm. Awful photos. All of them bad to varying degrees of badness. And a bad collage. So…what was the point of posting this?

  12. You can tell its professional because of all the negative space…

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