Pretty In Paint

Nice turtlenecks ladies! Wait a second… Is that paint!? We’d love to know the story behind this one.

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  1. Bernard Rentajag

    The one on the left looks as though she isn’t even aware this has happened.

    • and just how is this artistic….in any real way….maybe crop it so the girls are a bit…more…I didn’t mean to look, but bigger girl has a (((((camel toe))) gawsh…how embarrassing to even say it, let alone be that girl. Even then it’s not really save-able. Polka dot bra above patchy smeared on black paint….no pose, nothing flattering in the slightest about this!

  2. These poor girls. They look like deer in headlights.

  3. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Is this some kind of high school hazing? Not creative at all.

  4. What for???
    Is this a fauxtographers pic? No advertising on it?
    I suppose it may have meaning for these girls, but I see no reason to publish it. Bad pic, weird, poses awful. Poor girls.

  5. FFS

  6. Margaret

    I think they were going for the Dixie Chicks “Not Ready To Make Nice” video replication. However, the photo is just GOD AWFUL!

  7. I don’t get it.

  8. The poses are unflattering – standing front on to camera with arms hanging at the sides, that’s just the worst! The girl on the left looks to have been caught mid-blink so that should mean the photo gets binned in the first edit, never to be seen by others. The lighting is really flat, as is the grey of the background. The body paint looks horrendous – this patching usually happens with cheap stuff that is applied with too much water, and then streaks off when you try to go over it. Both girls should have worn black bras – the red polka-dot one draws the eye in an “Austin Powers seeing the MOLE” sort of way. The photo should have been cropped so that no unpainted skin can be seen, and it would have been better to paint their faces as well (which opens up a whole can of racist worms if done incorrectly!).

    TL;DR: Nothing in this photo works!

  9. I’m used to shoot bodypaints… and I must say, this one is REALLY unique ! … in its way 🙂

  10. umm. I dont even know.

  11. If they actually paid for this the polka dot girl should have insisted on retouching for her veiny (or hairy) thighs. This is horrible, I have to imagine it was some sort of hazing and not an actual photo shoot.

  12. That “bigger girl” Is me. My thighs arent hairy or veiny. They are stretch marks. This is honestly just a fucked up picture. The Paint is SUPPOSED to look that way. Its based off of a band called motionless in white.
    I was mid blink and extremely nervous.
    Also, unless you got this picture from myself, the other girl in the photo or the photographer this is illegal.
    take it down, thanks.

    • paperless

      Illegal how? Please explain-with links, not my cousin who is a lawyer said-how this is illegal.

  13. Haha,
    I love all the hateful comments. I’m the one on the right. I’d love to know who took my picture off my facebook. It’s so funny of me that this one wsas picked because of course the person won’t mention there was a bunch of good ones but this was in the bunch and was one of the couple where we weren’t paying attention. Of course no one knows that. We were both were supposed to have black bras but it just happened this way and it was to late. Also for your information you guys have no idea of what these photos meant. The black paint is for a band motionless in white, but of course no one would know or even try to know that this is for repping a band. I do have more experience in modeling then her and some of the pictures she didn’t know what to do but modeling wasn’t the point, the paint was. Just like earlier in the day i’d done pictures with other paint and pics for bullying awareness. You guys really need to know your facts before you speak, and think before you speak. Also I’d love to know who stole this picture because when I find out I will report you.

  14. The photos had nothing to do with modeling it had meaning to the band and to us so you guys have no idea. You also have no reason to talk, you don’t know her or me.

    • Most of the comments posted seem to be actual constructive criticism to the photographer. Seems to be about the composition and “artistic merit.” The site caption did dare you guys to tell your side of the story, and now you’ve explained. If anything, this seems to be more of a criticism to the person who shot the photo, rather than your modeling.

  15. notafauxtog

    You girls need to realize that once you post something on the internet, it is there for ALL ETERNITY.

  16. Rasec

    Disgusting !!!!!

  17. after black veil brides concert?

  18. Steve Jobs approves this photo.

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