Pixie Dust

We could have cross posted this on You Are Not a Graphic Designer. It’s like Tinkerbell snorted pixie dust and went crazy.

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  1. I just ruined a perfectly good monitor with coffee spit all over it….LOL!!!

  2. WOW…. just….. I weep for this child, being abandoned in space and all….

  3. pixelmunkie

    The cut off shoulder is an especially nice touch…

  4. Not to mention skin tones….

  5. BurninBiomass

    Oh, I get it! She was looking the wrong way at a fireworks show, whilst being buzzed by fireflys.

    I’m hoping that this has a bad dodging job, and those are not actually bruises on her face.

  6. art_student13

    welll…it could be worse, but the execution could have been better brought about.

    cut off shoulder…yeah fail
    the photog apparently has photoshop; why not look up some free airbrushing tutorials on Deviantart to clean up the skin a bit?

    The effect is nice, but not really for a photograph…i can’t picture anyone wanting to frame this and put it in their office or in their home. Save for some novelty like a birthday party invite or something trivial.

  7. Well, I guess you COULD post it at youarenotagraphicdesigner, but there’s jack squat showing on the site, so probably best that you posted it on this one. 😉

  8. It looks like the opening card of a child abuse PSA. A terrible thought just occured to me. This isn’t something done to tell people about a kid with some sort of life dreadful illness, is it? All it lacks is a “Help us find a donor for little Hensley Faith” If it is, I will personally voluteer to make them something much better.

  9. Scaring!!!

  10. The problem with your suggestion, art stud, is that I can’t seem to find that tutorial on DevArt.
    A link would be appreciated.

  11. yet another steve

    That poor child. An amputee at her age?
    Personally, I would fix the skin tone so it doesn’t look like a battered child with rosacea.

  12. I don’t see a studio mark on this. If this is just a personal job, I have no complaints. Of course it has issues, but so do half the things I PS. *However*, if this is from a photographer, I have major complaints, insofar as they’re a huge difference between screwing around on your computer in your spare time and actually trying to sell that screwing around. This isn’t even really the work of a passable amateur. I’m pretty awful in PS myself, and I’d have at least put the girl’s photo against the edge to hide the shoulder problem, assuming I wanted to make this at all. I mean, that should be the minimum expectation here…minimum.

  13. Looks like someone went all “Look what I can do” after they figured out Lightroom…kind of like the out-of-bounds feature newbies like to show off when pse.

  14. Looks like someone went all “Look what I can do” after they figured out Lightroom…kind of like the out-of-bounds feature newbies like to show off in pse.

  15. it’s so annoying when the people that criticise on here are actually useless themselves.

    if you are going to link your website through your name please don’t have overly pixilated background images on your ‘professional’ photography website.

  16. My sister-in-law does this with pictures of her kids and puts them allll over the house. It’s so hard not to laugh when she shows them to me. My personal favorite is the one with my niece staring blankly out her window at poorly Photoshopped view that looks like Fern Gully exploded. There are fairies and sparkles and rainbows everywhere. It’s awful. It makes my soul cry.

    • (What makes it worse is that she charges other soccer moms money to do the same thing to pictures of their offspring, making her a fauxtographer.)

  17. Anonymous

    This is so dreadful, I kind of LOVE it. She looks like an extra from an ET rip-off film circa 1984. Awesome.

  18. is her face dirty?

  19. you got me excited about the possibility of a graphic design site. too good to be true.

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