Pink Bronco

I don’t think you put their heads on right. Either that or it’s just so poorly edited that it appears that way.

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  1. RangerBob

    As a Jeep driver, I’m offended… that is NOT a Jeep… (but it IS an awful photo!) lol

  2. HAHA! One photo for all weddings! Bonus, they advertise in every print.

  3. Brown suits and pink trucks. These folks obviously have bad taste all around.

  4. Pink Bronco*, but horrible nonetheless. AGH!!

  5. is it shopped or just that bad ?

  6. I just have to point out…that’s an OLD ford bronco not a jeep. Although a jeep would have been a better choice lol as far as this shot….Im speechless! Stuff like this makes me just shake my head and say “Why?”

  7. Oh Jesus…………

  8. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    Ha. The couple looks a cardboard poster.

  9. They look like those paper dolls where you can make the legs dance. Now I kinda want to do that.

  10. Okay – you-all gotta help me on this one. What is the weird extra shadowing in the top right (it is bigger than the vignette should be)? How did they create that “great” “hey we photoshopped them into this strange picture” effect? I can’t blow this up big enough to see everything that is wrong with it…. but… Wow.

  11. Gal with a Camera

    Nice pictures of a car. Cool.

    OHHHHH, there is a bride and groom in the picture too?! I totally missed that, the jeep is just too bright and… bright!
    LOL 🙂

  12. First off I would like to point out this is not a J**p. I don’t like J**ps, but this is an insult to J**ps. Please update the title to reflect that this is a F*rd Bronco.

  13. So is the bride or groom the photographer or is the Bronco with advertising just strategic placement? The truck may be the best placed item in the frame.

  14. They look like they’re rising out of a swamp.

    “SO fun!”

  15. With that bright colour, you would not expect the bride to be a woman… (grin, duck, run)

  16. Jessanderson

    The whole thing is just tacky! Tacky, tacky, tacky!

  17. For now on just say “Truck” or “Redneck vehicle” because obviously people are very offended when you missname a car. If someone said “Ugly green Dodge Neon” I wouldn’t jump them and say “IT’S A PLYMOUTH DAMNITTT!” Because, well… that’s just stupid. Like this picture is stupid.

    • Jaydeez

      OMG I DRIVE A PLYMOUTH NEON TOO! WEIRD! Are you from Arizona?? That would be a weird coincidnece too! I’m from Arizona!

  18. Oh, no, this truck (bronco, whatever – it’s tacky) drives around the state WITH the fauxtog’s logo painted on it, and they use it as a “prop” in lots of their photo shoots. I’ve seen one where the couple is black and white and the pink truck is in color. It is literal fauxtography at it’s best. YUCK! Why people PAY these guys is BEYOND me!

  19. aaaw- my brother-in-law’s hillbilly, white trash, wife would LOVE this! o_0

  20. Nottoobad

    I’ve actually had my pics taken by this company and have seen their jeep. I don’t think they belong up here. Their work is pretty good.

    • Do you actually know how this company works? Because I do. (Interviewed with them, saw this Bronco, found out what it was like and ran like hell to get away and do my own business). And while certain individuals of the company may not suck, there are others that do. Very much so, if you see their site. They have a number of “photographers” under the same company name, though their range in professionalization ranges greatly.. I really don’t know why the better ones don’t just work on their own; they’d do SO much better…

      • Drocotogon

        Heh, I agree with you fully.. I actually worked with them for like 2 months, and said screw this. it’s tacky and am doing far better with my own photo biz..

  21. AbsyntheGreene

    Reminds me of the animated sketches from Monty Pythons Flying Circus

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