Piano Lady

piano lady

This probably isn’t what the lady meant when she said she wanted a sexy photo of herself on a piano…

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  1. This almost looks like some school assignment, “play (with) me”. Regardless, why is the focus the piano and clef and not the lady’s allure? And why the awkward pose? Oh yeah, I forgot, we’re dealing with a faux. Don’t know what the rest of his/her portfolio is like but this one is a sour note. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. The genie thought I said, “I would like a 12-inch pianist.”

  3. If she was wearing clothes I would be convinced that it’s a local fauxtog to me. He does rotten renders to the state where people look like they have some sort of horrific skin disease, and then there’s the mental edits like above. And you should see the compliments he gets on facebook for his dire architectural and landscape monstrosities.

  4. Not the worst on the site.

    I question the focus point and choice of outfits, but an interesting concept.

    I know a lot don’t luke this kind of work, but it is not “that bad”.

    • I agree. I am not a big fan of photoshopping models onto props like this; but this is not the worst out there.

    • Oh yes it is. Just look at that cut-out edging! Sheesh.

  5. The picture of the photo is a stock photo from one of the major services. I saw it recently used on Piano Tuners website.

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