Photography Isn’t That Easy

I guess the universe balances out, one fauxtog gained yesterday and from the looks of it one lost today. I wonder how many more of these we’re going to see in the coming years. On the plus side, there should be some cheap used equipment floating around.


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  1. That’s where I got my 100-400L – from a guy who took pictures of planes. Paid half price, and it’s in pretty damn good shape…

  2. Is it bad that I really want to know where they’re at? 🙂

  3. lol. Two cameras, one memory card.

    • That’s what I thought, too. One memory card? Did he make clear to clients that he would shoot until the card was full? Oh, the silly stories of fauxtographers.

      • Believe it or not it’s totally common. I had to work with one idiot a while back who charged 4,000 per shoot because she was a “celebrity” but since “she didn’t shoot digi” she came to the 8 hour shoot with 1 memory card. I had to walk a MILE to the nearest Staples (THANK GOD there was one!) and buy 3 cards for her. I would have never hired her but she was a demand from the actress we were shooting- some Fauxtographers are connected and get PAID.

  4. Now the person is starting a restaurant! Is there a website for faux restaurateurs?

  5. lol need to sell as starting a restaurant.

  6. LOL Well at least he knows how to sell his equipment.

  7. Wait, this person had a “photography business” for 6 YEARS, they want over 9000 dollars for all this stuff, and they can’t be bothered to take even a couple photos of the items for sale? That’s rather ironic. They could at least post pictures of the camera equipment!

  8. I am looking into my crystal ball….

    Deep fryer, pans and pots, freezer/refir, counters and stainless bowls. Can’t take pictures, too many things. Must sell, starting a dog grooming business.”

  9. skynigurl

    Equipment for home photography business – $9000
    Years of experience and talent – priceless

  10. skynigurl

    Cash or money order only? Is all that photo stuff “hot”? *scratches head*

  11. Leroy Smith

    Fast forward one year:

    Your own Restaurant Business! Need to sell to join Circus.

  12. Next stop – Robert Irvin’s Restuarant Impossible on Food Network…

    Paid 13k for the equipment – used price – $6500 max – Wonder if he paid taxes on the income for the 6 years?

  13. I could really use another 20D. Loved that camera. Wore mine out and now I have to shoot film…..

    • Susan Hoffman

      Film? How quaint! Do you know there’s a whole generation of people now who have no clue what it’s like to shoot with film. Or work in a darkroom.

  14. Could be worse, needs to sell to become a surgeon. Eeeek!

    My mind boggles!

  15. Man now they are selling ovens with the green rectangle “auto everithing”?

  16. Man now they are selling ovens with the green rectangle “auto everything”?

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