Photog Being Sued to Recreate a Wedding, Years Later

Years Later, Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate a Wedding

This is just bizarre. The couple divorced. He wants the photog to pay to fly everyone back to recreate the wedding.

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    bad link

  2. And this, budding photographers, is why you have a contract, including times (and what to do about overtime). If the contract clearly stated that the photographers were to stay until a certain time, then complaint that they missed the last few minutes would be dismissed.

    But I suspect this is really about divorced husband trying to bring the ex back from Latvia to rekindle the love by recreating the wedding.

    • Contracts AND insurance essentially. Something I wish “fauxtogs” realised they have to have and are seriously leaving themselves wide open to being sued when things go bad.

      The guy suing is being ridiculous and creepy. My bet is it is all about money, and possibly annoying to the ex wife who may have left him for being a tool in real time.

      If it bugged him so much why leave it all those years to sue. I feel sorry for the photographer. I think the guy needs headbutting and seriously needs to move on. He is divorced, and should get over it!

  3. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  4. sadly, so many clients are that demanding about their wedding photos :/ or any shoot. they want everything to be perfect.even if you get everything they want, one thing sometimes is unsatisfying. in this case, apparently the husband thought if he redid the wedding,the wife would come to miss what she left and go back to him?

  5. I agree and think this is all about someone attempting to win back their “love”, what is disturbing though is the fact the judge is amused by this matter. I feel bad for the new owners of the studio, I would think they would have had a contract though being in business so long.

  6. I’m pretty certain that the photographer had them sign a contract. A little bit more research on the subject shows that in fact, the judge threw out most of the case, but is allowing part of it to proceed: the breech of contract portion on the basis that the photographer failed to get all the necessary shots allegedly.

    Plus, for a 65 year old business that was good enough to have greats like Weegee applying for a job (wasn’t hired because he didn’t have a suit according to the article), they must have been doing something right.

    The plaintiff is claiming things like the posing/lighting/etc. was just plain wrong and badly implemented. I saw one (just one) photo on CNN from this case. The photo looked great. He looked doofy and she looked way out of his league, but the photo itself looked great. This guy is probably thinking the lighting was wrong because there wasn’t any spot color or overly done white vignettes.

    But for this guy to think that the photographer should have to pay for an entirely new wedding is absurd to say the least. At that point, why isn’t he going after the caterer and saying that because of them the marriage didn’t last? Or perhaps the officiant for not saying the perfect speech that would have kept them together? Or the florist for not bringing flowers that would last forever?

  7. Anonymous

    All photographers have the same issue I hate to say it I wish people would make a class for arts business….. It won’t hold up in court and its not his responsibility after the photo shoot is done. He waited to many years to file a complaint….. So its the guys fault if he doesn’t like the photos. Also he should of bargained how many hours the so on and so forth if the contract was signed like it said he did… Sorry dude has no leg to stand on. H&H Photographers will win. He earned his place in life. Should of stated everything in writing.

    • yup. I didn’t get my toasting shots. We called 3 months later (when we finally got our pictures) and they had us in the studio THAT WEEK to retake them. and offered money off an album, but I ended up designing my own because their style didn’t quite match up with how I wanted it to look.

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Creepy stalker vibes on this one.

  9. What a psycho-tard douchbag. If I were his ex I’d be hiding too.

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