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bad port

You had to hyphenate your watermark?! Really!?

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  1. Ok, you’re not even trying now. Absolutely horrid. DO NOT give up your day job.

  2. Photographer couldn’t fit all their awesomeness in one word so had to break it up so as not to blow anyone’s mind.
    Bad lighting, and maybe some fading or something done to this and the poor model. Could you have found a worse perspective? She looks quite pretty but this pose makes her look stoned. Which is what the fautog should be for posting this anywhere.

  3. Man,she looks like a zombie in this, shame. Maybe try ironing or steaming the backdrop to get the folds out on the minor note.

  4. I wonder if the photographer was trying for this effect? Without knowing the photographer’s intent, it is hard to judge.

    • jussharp

      It’s an unflattering angle regardless of the intent. You can use unconventional angles in portraiture if you really know what you are doing, but it can easily go wrong. Here it went very wrong.

    • “Effect”? You mean the lovely and flattering lighting from the million candle power spot light a foot from her head? Or the stunned look on her face created by the lovely lighting? Or the flattering chin shadow, not to mention the shadow of the eyelids (I’ve never seen anything quite like that)? Or simply the wonderful way that a wrinkly piece of cloth hot off the bolt from the fabric store adds to the ambiance of the shoot? The only “effect” I can see is that this should be posted on an educational site filed under “do not ever, ever do this…”.

  5. Im thinking i could get some vietnamese noodles…and some tography at thier studio…

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