It appears that blurry man is pregnant, and is perhaps missing a neck.

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  1. Craze

    and missing focus

  2. Kristian

    But I’ll bet that the watermark is gorgeous!

  3. Susan

    What was supposed to be the point? The trees in the background? One of them is in pretty good focus. Otherwise, SMH ….

  4. BurninBiomass

    I think that man is being attacked by an ent.

  5. HennyM

    photo bombing taken to a whole new level

  6. Who thinks up this shit?

  7. Quetzal1

    Geez, I hate it when you go to take a lovely, focused photo of the trees and some random guy jumps out and spoils it!

  8. hairypitssuck

    I think the belly is his hand. Just blurred. None the less. The photo is crap and a waste of shutter.

  9. Hey hey, don’t be hating on my new protoge. Ever since lil Boo Boo went to LA to try to shake the typecasting I’ve been looking for someone who can help me get the pic-a-nic baskets… Salvatore here is the perfect inept companion for me. Ranger Smith will spend all his time with this joker and I’ll be free to pilfer….

    hey hey hey!

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