Party Time

Nice use of selective coloring on the beers! Classy touch…

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  1. Dorinda

    Shaking my head….

  2. the cooler and empty are a nice bit of staging

  3. mary dawes

    LOL love that they put a watermark on this. I mean really, thats a portforlio shot right there!!

  4. Wsroadrunner

    Should be good evidence for the DWI trial.

  5. Nice bag

  6. Heather

    OH this….this is just AWFUL.


  8. This is on someone’s portfolio? I thought it was a cell phone shot. Good lord…

  9. Oh look, they used Bleeding Cowboys, how original

    • Those bloody cowboys should be dead by now with the amount they’ve bled….

      • Gal with a camera

        HA HA. That had me LOLing. Poor cowboys. 😉

    • Meowcate

      B-B-BLEEEEEDING COWBOYS ! Many tried and failed, but this is the real new Comic Sans.

  10. I like the part where it sucks.

  11. It’s funny how many of these we see where the fauxtog uses fonts which are cooler than the photography.

  12. Ummm are they lovers?? A bar as a backdrop… Never thought of that! 😉

  13. At least the beers are in focus? 😉

  14. I would so frame that shit…lmao

  15. Siobhan

    If they absolutely had to have a bit of selective colour in this they could at least have got the colour balance right and not over saturated the life out of it, lol.

  16. Ok. I know it takes a little time and effort (ish) to do the shitty selective color bullshit, but it takes no skill or much time or effort to slide the brightness or exposure bar up a little higher on your shitty free editing “program.” This just proves that this type of fauxtography dies as fast as it is born from its white trash mother.

    PS I can smell this guy’s cigarette from the computer screen. Classy.
    Oh, and one more thing: Do you honestly think these gems in the picture would actually shell out any cash to have a print of this garbage? “Hey print me out there that there one o’ them from the Walmarts…”

  17. Angela

    A fine example of portraiture.

  18. David W

    Based on their body mass index, the guy drinking the bud should switch beers with the guy drinking the bud light.

    But other than that, what a cute couple! Great use of selective color, I may use this with my clients.

    (I think I just threw up a little…)

  19. As they would say, in my now land of residence, . . . . quelle MERDE!

  20. This is just lazy photography.They could even be bothered to move the bag in the foreground. Obviously the photographer was as drunk as the party goers.

  21. I’m trying to figure out the point of this “piece.” Two guys who drink bad, cheap beer? Which brand has the most attractive can? And is that giant piece of font vomit at the top the faux’s name? Is the idea a large and unnecessarily garish font will detract from the photographic failure (phailure?) below? Because they’ve failed yet *again*.

  22. spike

    I get a feeling that the two dudes are more than buddies, and that the bit at the top is (or was) their names or initials or something of the sort. I can come up with no other plausible explanation for that kind of body language……… except for possibly that they were falling-down drunk….IN which case the fauxtog has a nice but tacky photo with which to blackmail the two.

    IMO there should be a law against cameras inside bars.

  23. Pelham

    woohoo, all that matters here is me and my bro getting wasted on our most excellent taste in beers…*hic*…

  24. someone

    I heard that Walmart started doing on-location photography.

  25. Maybe the “dude” on the right is a woman…

  26. This is a perfect example of the old adage; “Just because you have a camera, doesn’t mean you are a photographer.” I’m still waiting to see if any of my work shows up on this page. I think I do pretty good work, and my clients are ALWAYS pleased. I do own my own company, and I do pay taxes on the money that I charge for the work that I do.

    • Capt. Obvious

      The day that I end up on this page is the day I put down the camera for good. It’s a frightening thought to be categorized among these top notch fauxtogs.

  27. Aubrey

    New advertisment idea for Budweiser? LOL Or maybe the fauxtog is looking for “redneck” clients?

  28. Spot coloring is even worse when you get the colors wrong. Budweiser cans aren’t blue.

  29. Capt. Obvious

    They look like a happy couple.

  30. Colorray

    I know I’m a horrible photographer because I actually like this one. Almost.
    If the glow at the tip of the cigarette had been color as well, it would have really worked.

  31. Such a lovely couple. I hope they ran this one in their paper’s engagement announcements.

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