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It’s a Log!

Wrinkled back drop, kid plopped in the middle of the frame and strange log with moss prop, just for starters.

Sad Pumpkin

I don’t understand the blue pumpkins, and I really don’t get the blue-green baby.

Daily Rewind: Erased

We’re posting some of the best of the worst from the old site. We couldn’t let this one be erased forever.

Bad Pet Photography

Finally, some bad pet photography. I know all of you pet photographers have been waiting for this.

Daily Rewind: Awesome Russian Wedding Video

In case you missed the news, we lost everything from our old site and are starting fresh. So, every day (or so) we post some of our favorites….


Like I’ve been saying for weeks, remaking Footloose is an horrible idea.    


I’ll toast to that! Oh damn, I think I just drank the future bride and groom. That always happens to me.  

Fauxtography Business Names

At least fauxtogs name their business in a way that you can immediately spot them. While I’ve seen a few businesses with some of these in their names…

Baby Planking

Fairy baby planking, it’s the next big thing.