Only 75 More Days

Prepare yourselves. Only 75 more days until momtogs, uncle Bobs and untalented emo kids wake up to new expensive cameras under the tree. And only 76 more days until the onslaught of new pros begins.

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  1. Aberline

    Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s…

    • Photoshop! ;-D

    • I gotta say…at least this person doesn’t already have cheap ass prices posted! Maybe they will study & get good so they don’t have their images up on this particular site 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    lame website, haters

    • Meowcate

      Photogrhaters gonna photogrhate.

      • Anonymous

        As long as legions of hack fauxtographers pollute the market with their laughable, talentless sub-mediocrity, you bet we will.

  3. well, at least she’s planning to take classes which is more than we can say of most of the others out there. they just have a “natural talent” for it LOL!

  4. i hope i get scissors and a can of hairspray for christmas because then i can be a hairdresser! it’s not about hating, it’s about having industry standards and not flooding the market with crappy underpriced people who don’t value their time and talk bad about those of us who DO!

    • YES! How about take a class before you get a camera to see if it will become a passion?!?! I was scared as shit the first time I cut someones hair for money…and that was after 1500 hours in school!

  5. Wow. I’m already scared. They want the camera to take a class to see if their any good? Why do I suddenly foresee a new Russian Bride onslaught?

  6. Nothing in the persons post says they are going “professional.” My take is that YANAP is warning us that soon….very soon….we will be inundated with more mediocre to bad “professional” photographers.

    I love this site. I am not a professional photographer and don’t plan on it….because of this site. I have way too much to learn.

  7. I’ll have a camera under the tree…My gift to me, a Minolta Autocord.

  8. Doesn’t the iPhone 4s come out in less than two weeks? Better change the countdown to 11 days…

  9. I can’t hate on someone who’s willing to take a class to learn more and is saying that they might not be any good. With that attitude, the person might decide that they are NOT any good and save themselves from this website.

  10. Wsroadrunner

    Emo kid needs packages of razor blades for Christmas instead. LOL

  11. So you people are scared that someone else might put time and effort into a skill that you perceive yourselves good at? To me that’s what these comments sound like. This post didn’t say they were going to start a studio immediately or get some advertising space. It’s just a person trying to learn a new skill as a hobby, and the posters here are either too insecure or to big of an asshole to recognize this.

  12. I usually giggle at the posts on this site. This one in particular leaves me scratching my head. Is it wrong for her to want to have a nice camera and take a class to have a skill. There is NO mention of having a desire to take pictures for a living. I made a similar post to this last year and I did take a class, HOWEVER it has NEVER been my intention to become a “professional” photographer. I enjoy taking pictures and LOVE my new fancy camera. Some of us just want a nice camera…. is that so wrong??

  13. I am loving this site, but photography seems to be the only art where the artists hate newcomers so much. I’m a musician, and I love to hear that people are learning to play an instrument even though they’re going to be bad at first. Musicians encourage, not discourage. But photographers? I have never seen such a huge percentage of elitist snobs in any other art form.

  14. Yes we might be elitist, but unlike every other art form photography is the only one that people think anyone can do without experience, knowledge, or talent. I own a guitar that doesn’t make me a musician; someone buys a quality camera and they instantly become a photographer. Its not just about pushing the shutter button as most newcomers seem to think, without well established knowledge of your equipment, light, composition, and simple aesthetics you will only produce poor or mediocre work. I’m all for novices willing to improve and learn from personal experience and the experience of other photographers, unfortunately most new comers don’t look for or want the help.

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