Not So Merry

If you are going to wrap your toddler in wires and lights in the dark, at least try to get a decent quality picture of it!

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  1. GEEZ!

  2. DavidVRJ

    The letter “Q” is more artistic and creative than this!

  3. Wow… Just wow… I can see TRYING this, and if it turns out like this, you throw it away.

  4. Every time I see a pic like this I can’t help but wonder if the same people allow their kids to run while holding scissors and leave the liquor cabinet unlocked. Have they never been told that electric lights and wires wrapped around a drooling baby is probably not a good idea?

    • Jessica

      Not to mention their coating is contaminated with lead – especially the cheaper ones.

  5. don’t touch the candles, no don’t touch that, leave the ring alone, look at the camera, no don’t touch that!

  6. Not to mention the warnings on all Christmas lights that tell you to wash your hands after handling the lights because of the lead used in the materials that make Christmas lights!

    • Is this a US thing or something????????? I’ve never seen that on this side of the pond.

      • never seen it on my german ones, either. i’ll check my american lights tomorrow. but honestly, i can’t remember seeing a warning like this on them.

  7. Not at all a flattering angle on the poor little kid, he’s got serious ‘man boobs’. That alone would make me delete this pic.

    • Uh, I think the baby is a girl…… She has a polka dot tutu on under those light.

      Bet those layers of tulle will burn well……

  8. Not only is it a really bad photo, did anyone else notice that the lighting makes this kid looks like it has boobs?

  9. Gal with a Camera

    That kid could almost kinda use a bra… just sayin. 😉

  10. I think it’s a cute idea…kinda dangerous

  11. I don’t think is nearly as bad as most of the fauxtos posted here. Yes, not all that safe or flattering. If the fauxtog had played with this scene a little longer something better might have come of it.

    But I’m viewing on an iPhone, this could look considerably worse than I think it does.

  12. Looks like he is wearing a christmas light tutu.

  13. HA! i got one kinda like this of my daughter. shot with my cell phone.
    maybe i should call myself photographer now.

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