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If you learn nothing else from this site, for the love of God, please tell me none of you will ever, ever try the ultrasound superimposed onto the body shot, or in this case, weirdly posed on top of the bump?


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  1. I’m pretty sure that is the actual ultrasound, not superimposed. 🙂

    • And of course, let’s not forget the impeccable spot coloring job! Fabulous! (Total sarcasm)

  2. It’s not even superimposed it’s just the picture held on her bump. How lazy.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      You’re both right. I updated the post. I couldn’t even look at this thing that closely. I’m so sick of the ultrasound on the baby bump thing.

    • Yeah, first thing I thought of was how lazy the photographer must have been…

      • That was my first notice too.. even before the “I missed a”spot coloring. Guess they could not find a one click solution to scanning and superimposing the shot like they did with their ‘vignetting’.

  3. I am pregnant and a photographer- this sickens me both as a mother to be and as a person behind the lens!

    • Carrie on January 5, 2012 at 8:32 am said:

      I am pregnant and a photographer- this sickens me both as a mother to be and as a person behind the lens!”

      I’m sorry, it “sickens” you that someone held up an ultrasound picture and took a picture? How does that sicken you as a mother to be?

  4. HAHAHAHAAAAAA So glad to have my daily dose of nonsense, thanks YANAP!

  5. Why? Please tell me why the mother to be thinks this is a good idea? And why does the photographer go along with it?

    I tell all of maternity clients – No ultrasound – if you want that go find someone else – so far none have walked away – in fact most were horrified that a photographer would even think of showing the ultrasound or adding it…

  6. Someone should just come out with one of those apps on facebook, that sticks a random ultrasound onto a photo. Bet they’d make millions off it…

  7. Crystal

    I just… don’t get it.

  8. Looks like Picnik strikes again!! Lets get this right people, actual photographers, people who actually give two craps about their work DO NOT USE PICNIK. Picnik is for extreme amateurs and teenagers. You’d be better off not editing a photo at all than to add the ‘one click’ editing you see here. And lets not even mention how over done, but none the less disturbing the ultrasound picture is. This just grosses me out.

  9. Cheryl Pierce

    At least this one actually looks like a baby. The last one looked like intestines.

  10. Anonymous

    I’d rather see the actual ultrasound picture than it superimposed! It’s just insanely creepy! But I do admit… This is way past over used and outdated! I might do it of they asked for it… But only then and I wouldn’t dare post it anywhere!!

  11. I’m not understanding the in-depth critiques here. I would never give this picture a second look, much less take the time to pick it apart.

  12. Am I missing something? The woman doesn’t even appear to be pregnant.

    • I thought so too! Or not pregnant enough to have that clear of an ultrasound.

      • apparently shes not married either… not that that matters, but to me what I See here is a picture of an unmarried, not pregnant woman holding a picture of someone elses ultrasound to her stomach… creepy if you ask me

  13. Although this image I would say is not of professional quality I really hate the way people bash the picture. And really… how can this sicken you as a mother? Really? Because I’m sure this mother to be loves this unborn child unconditionally and she probably also loves the picture. I’m a professional and I can look at other pictures and pick out the flaws and the problems but why would I waste my time. You never know where someone is going… give this photographer a year or 2 and they might surprise you. They have to start somewhere and maybe we should help and encourage rather than insult. My first impressions of the comments I read were classless. Rise above yourselves people and worry about your own work. Because what seems like trash to you may be truly important to the person who is having the pictures taken. Anyways… i know this will start a controversy and I’m done saying what I wanted to say… well maybe not all I wanted to say but we could be here for hours if I did. In the end respect is key… and if your an artist you should have it all the time… not just for what you think is worthy of your respect! DONE…

    • Look through the Facebook friends of YNAP, most of the people who comment the loudest suck as bad as the people they are bashing. I like this site, it is funny.. but the people who live in glass houses are just annoying. But it’s internet people and they generally are.

    • You do realize your on a site that points out the flaws of people who are not professional. Just saying…this isn’t ” You are not a photographer now…but in two years your going to be fabulous!”

      I have seen people say they have been in the business for 15 years produce worse crap then this…and I have seen people who just got a camera a year ago that can produce amazing photos.

      This is suppose to be a site to comment an laugh…granted we all started somewhere..and my first images were horrendous…but nobody said the baby was ugly or mom. We felt bad for the mom having a horrible photo done by a person who probably owns a point shoot and edited in Picnik. There are alot of people who are qualified to do this image ….way way way better. Lighten up…this is what this site is about…sit back and laugh…

    • The implication here is that the mother paid for this. If she got it for free, fine. But this got out in the wild, too, implying it was on a website. Either way, the photographer is billing herself as a professional and has been made to look bad by this photo.

      Personally, I’m not even an amateur photographer. I don’t pretend to have an ounce of skill. But anyone can tell when something is awful–it doesn’t require expertise in the field.

  14. I love how the fauxtog put the watermark on the image BEFORE doing the spot coloring…….hence the white letters on the hands…”Hey, I’m done with this image OH MY GOD NO I’M NOT HOW COOL WOULD BE IF THE HAND WERE BLACK AND WHITE?!?!??!!?

  15. I think there have been enough of this type of photo that you may want to consider “retiring” the category. Surely there’s enough bad stuff out there to make up for it.

  16. I just don’t get it. The worst thing is that in every one of these cases, if you remove the hideous overlay, it is still a really crap photo.

    It’s not about technicalities, naffness, a lack of photographic skill, lighting or any of the other things we can sometimes get a bit sniffy about; its that they just can’t see that it looks horrible

  17. Wow, this achieves all new levels of lame. The photo is bad, the spot coloring is bad, the tragic “hold the photo in place without framing it correctly” is bad…the logo burn-in isn’t even great. I don’t know if the name on the top is the photographer or the mother, but…oh wait, the baby? OK, I’ll leave that.

    This is just bad, bad, bad, and the photographer should feel bad. I can only hope the mother didn’t pay a lot for this.

    • Someone above noted that the logo was incorrectly handled in spot coloring rather than burned in. Either way.

  18. not again, at the very least these people could make a heart shape with their hands correctly. But no, not even that.

    • That’s particularly depressing. They had one major goal here–frame the photo with her hands to look like a heart and (I assume) disguise the edges of the print. And they failed at it. Maybe at that point, they just said WTH and decided to louse up the rest for good measure. At least it’s consistent, you know?

  19. Does anyone else see a baby hippo in the ultra sound? That’s the first thing I saw.

  20. Surely doing this is illegal?

    The ultrasound image was not created by the fauxtographer so for her to use it in a commercial image is a breach of copyright law.

    • An interesting question! But there’s still the obvious artistic mess to sort through here.

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