Nice Try Fauxtog…

We wanted to share a funny article some of our fans submitted to us. This poor fauxtog was just trying to take credit for real photographers work but damn that Twitter, it ruined her!

Here it is : The Picture of Dishonesty

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  1. I know one of the girls who she stole images from. For shame.

  2. I have a photographer friend who knows this woman and she is severely depressed/ suidica due to all of the threats and harassing from assholes on the internetl… Its extremely wrong what she did, and if someone stole my pictures if be furious and sue, but all the harassing and mean things and death threats on the internet have made her literally want to die. She apologized publicly and acknowledged she was wrong, but she was just trying to start a business to feed her family due to financial problems. I love this site, but I think out of respect you should take this article down.

    • Flips

      REALLY??? Take it down because she is suicidal? WTF?? She was just trying to start a business?? Are you serious???? Let me see…so I can go out and STEAL clothing that some designer spent hours, days if not years designing….take the labels off of them, sew in my own and voila – it’s ok cause I was just trying to start my business?? You have a very unrational way of thinking my friend…
      What she did was wrong – she SHOULD suffer the consequences of that decision. That is what I teach my children every day – if you do something wrong, you must suffer the consequences of that action.

      • Consequences, meaning death.

      • I agree what she did was wrong, she made public apologies and is paying for it severely. NOONE deserves to me harassed and threaten, ( even death threats) SHE IS SUFFERING THE CONSEQUENCES! She was wrong, she made mistakes, but do you want to be a part of the reason she wants to die? Suicide should not be taken lightly. This happens all the time I’m sure and people pay the consequences but this went viral and she has thousands and thousands of people writing her hate mail. Noone deserves that much cruelty.

      • Sure, she should have to deal with the consequences of her actions, but stealing photos from another photographer is not a reason to wish DEATH upon another human being. Grow up. The only irrational person in this thread is you Mr. Flips. Death should be something murders receive, not thieves…this isn’t a 3rd world country. Shame on her for claiming someone else’s work as her own but I think if she’s suicidal from all the threats, enough is enough.

    • KayTee

      Boohoo! I’ve been poor at times in my life too….that it not an excuse for bad behavior. She deserves what she gets.

    • FalconGTHO

      Fugg it, tough. “Bad times” is NEVER an excuse for dishonesty, criminal activity, deceit, deception, scamming, etc. If youre THAT fuggin dumb you get what you get.

    • She’s sad now. Boo fricking hoo. This should be done to every fauxtog.

    • Janet

      I’m betting she had psychological problems way before she got caught, and I hope she gets the help she needs. Still, what she did was very wrong, and I don’t blame victims for expressing their outrage (death threats withstanding).

    • Sylvia

      Of course she says all that now that she GOT CAUGHT! I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for anyone who thinks it is OK to steal. I have worked my BUTT OFF to get where I am, to get the images I have. I’m not in a great financial situation either but every little bit I get to build my business, I DO! You can’t just steal stuff and call it your own, I don’t care if you are living on the street. There have been times we have been without food (years ago) Do you think I decided to go steal? NO! Because there are far better ways of doing things, honest ways. And people like this always get caught and they always get what they deserve. I think it’s sick that you say it’s OK because she had financial difficulties. So does everyone and we still bust our butt to run a legitimate business. When I first started, I started with NOTHING and worked my way up. And that makes me appreciate it all the more. She should see this as a blessing in disguise. Had she planned on doing someone’s wedding photos or other photos and they paid and she didn’t deliver and then all this was found out, they would have sued her pants off! Which would have then put her in even more “financial problems” and been far worse then a simple apology. As far as I’m concerned she got off easy this time. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

      • Mary – you ignorant ‘….’
        That thief and fraud artist deserves all she gets.
        Bad news – the internet facilitates easy theft.
        Good news – the internet helps us expose theives.

      • I already stated she was wrong and I would be furious and even sue, and she even admitted she was wrong and made public apologies. If you thinkshe deserves to be harassed by thousands, receive death threats, and have people trash her home all the time to the point where she is contemplating ending her life?? YOU ARE AN IGNORANT ” ” ANDREW.

      • BurninBiomass

        Does she deserve death threats, no.

        Does she deserve to be harassed on her Facebook, yes.

    • Wow, calm down people. No one’s photos are so good that a person who wrongfully claims them as their own deserves to die over them. WTF is wrong with you? It’s unfortunate that she is suicidal, and I hope she gains some perspective that it’s not worth killing yourself because there are some internet jurors that for some reason find it okay to send death threats…or wish someone suffers some horrible punishment. In addition, I don’t think she has psychological problems. It’s quite clear that these are the actions of a desperate fauxtog trying to get her business off the ground, but clearly not having enough skill or clientele to use her own pictures. So…can we put away the hatchets, torches, and pitchforks?! The real photographers whose work was actually stolen, and who deserve to be the most upset, have already done so, it’s time you grow up and do the same.

    • Frankie

      well, if she was having financial difficulties she needs to get a job, maybe even a second or third job like most of us had to do when we were starting out.(and ripping someone else’s images is wrong and deceptive)What a lot of Faux’s don’t get, it takes time,experience and skill to get to a point of running a business as a photographer, not wake up one day and say, “what is an easy way to make money?” Photography is an expensive craft, especially starting out. Mostly you have to work bloody hard which meant working and putting in long hours of your free time to get it off the ground and only when you are making enough after expenses, taxes and insurances to cover your lively hood can you give away any other job. So using financial problems as an excuse to steal someone else’s work is really lame.

      As for her suicidal thoughts and depression, her priority is to get that sorted. If she can’t handle the stress, she shouldn’t be in this line of work.

      • Well said Frankie!

        My first thoughts was if she was soooo desperate for money to put food on the table for her kids then go get a job cleaning toilets if you have to! Work at McDonalds or whatever else you can find. There is absolutely NO need to steal from someone and try to make money from it! She’s only sorry she got caught, or else she wouldn’t have done it it the first place.

        If she really IS suicidal, I’d say her issues are deeper and more long term than this. If the only thing that causes her depression is people on the internet…. turn the bloody computer off, change email address. But I highly doubt that that’s all it is. (I actually don’t believe it anyway… like I said, she’s just sorry she got caught and wants sympathy IMO!)

    • Wsroadrunner

      She’s a damned thief and liar. Ya reap what ya sow

  3. That’s crazy and ridiculous. The reason for anyone to do that is beyond me… but prop to the author for using sticky wicket!

  4. Aubrey

    WOW… just wow. How could she think that she could take credit for not just one, but multiple people’s work and she WOULDN’T get caught?

  5. Brian

    She definitely has some problems. I hope she gets the help she needs. As for her feelings being hurt by being caught as a thief. Tough.

  6. Art_Student13


    This makes me ashamed.

    Although, I’m curious now. I’ve never seen her name come up on a release form at work (walmart photo lab), but now im gonna look through the files to see if i can find her. Maybe she’s so crappy that I couldn’t tell that the work is professional and i let it go every time. It’s possible.
    Now this makes me wonder. If she used other peoples work to advertise her business, then that means she was using it in her portfolio…so this makes me think that she KNEW her stuff wasn’t up to par, but yet was still in business….NO SENSE IS PRESENT HERE!

    • Angelina

      Umm, yeah, maybe her name isn’t on a release form at Walmart because pro photographers don’t use Walmart. Really. I have only used them to print copies for my “Do not print from here” samples to compare to pro lab prints and MPIX prints, so my clients can actually see the difference if they purchase high res. files. I don’t even print my family snapshots at discount/chain places. They’re just too shudder-worthy.

      On another note, the fauxtographer who was stealing everyone’s work sounds as though she was unhinged before she was caught and unfortunately remains so, now. The sad thing is, she is definitely NOT the only faux out there doing this. I see people who’ve been “caught out” via on-line message boards probably every six months or so. 🙁

  7. Kelli

    Read the comments on the article. This photographer had NO excuse to steal other, REAL photographers work. Its sad that she chose to hide behind religion in her supposed apology. IF she was a good Christian woman she wouldn’t have had the thought to steal another person’s work in the FIRST place! She deserves to feel humiliated, embarrassed and ashamed of herself.
    I stand firm in my belief in God, and I am all for forgiveness. I also applaud the real photographers for exposing her for a fraud and not sweeping it under the rug. Just goes to show that justice will come…some times are swifter than others.
    Death threats are excessive and if she’s getting those they should be reported to the police and FBI because if it’s interstate or out of country it’s their jurisdiction.

    • Ellen

      Being Christian doesn’t mean we are perfect!! If you think that then you have a VERY skewed view of Christianity!!

  8. David Gutierrez

    I took a photos of my friend. He edited them and put his watermark on them. Is that cool or no? They weren’t the greatest shots, but I am the one that took them.

    • No – that is not cool. The photographer owns the copyright – plain and simple. Not the editor – unless you transferred ownership to your friend.

      The only watermarking should be done by the photographer. Period.

    • Angelina

      That depends on a few things. Somebody second-shoots for me, they sign a contract and I own those images. Has nothing to do with whether they or I took them. My company owns them.

      If you took the photos, just let him have a digital file for his own use after? No. Not cool. They are still your photographs.

      • Melissa R.

        **** “sign a contract” That’s the key phrase!

  9. Personally I think the interweb makes things like this far too easy – on both sides.

    It is very easy to copy any image that you find on the web (Right editors of YANAP?) and if you wish – claim it as your own – after all the web is a big place.

    It is also very easy to hide behind an assumed or false identity and post crap on people’s facebook, twitter, etc.. pages. Another 13 year old girl just killed herself because of “cyber-bulling” by classmates. Her dad found her hanging in her closet.

    So – yes, what she did is wrong – absolutely – no two ways about it. But calling for her to kill herself, threatening her, calling her names, etc.. is not right either. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    So think before you hit enter…

  10. Ellen

    It has come to my attention that every single one of you posting on this thread is PERFECT. That’s really awesome. Can you tell me what it’s like to be perfect, and to have not done anything you regret in life?! Not defending her actions, at all, but this happened over a week ago. Old news. Let it go! I am pretty sure all the humiliation and negative content posted about her online weighs on her more heavily than any legal fee or situation that may come her way as a result of this. Enough is enough. LET IT GO. Pretty sure some of you would have crucified her, if given the chance!!! For fucks sake!

    • Ellen, I am not perfect. I can take pretty good shots most days. Once in a while I take awesome shots, but not often. I am not good enough to start a business and charge people for work done. But if I ever had to start my own business I sure as hell won’t steal anybody’s images. If I don’t get clients on my images then mine aren’t good enough.

      No matter what her motives were or what ever she believes in it was wrong. It might be old news but hopefully some fauxtographers out there will learn from this.

      I do agree that the threats of violence were wrong. What worries me the most is that she wants to carry on. Did she learn nothing!

      • Ellen

        She’s closed up shop for good… her business is gone. She is not “carrying on” not sure where you’re getting this information from?! Wow…

    • I got the information from her apology that is posted all over the internet. Here is one example : I want to operate my business with integrity and honesty, and will do so going forward.

      here is the whole apology : It is with a humble and heavy heart that I write this message.

      To my clients, friends, family, and peers:

      I have not been honest in the way that I operate my business. I have knowingly committed an unforgivable act that – now – looking back, makes me ill to my stomach. I have claimed other photographers’ work as my own work, and I have been caught.

      I would like to publicly issue an apology to everyone involved. I’m sorry. I am sorry for misleading you, lying to you, and hurting you. I am owning up to the choices I have made and am facing the consequences. I want to operate my business with integrity and honesty, and will do so going forward.

      I have already reached out to several of the photographers of whom I have taken work from and spoken with them personally on the phone. For those I haven’t been able to contact, I will reach out to you again soon. I wanted to get this out as soon as I could – I hope you understand why.

      since YANAP won’t allow links in comments you can Google : carusophotography dot com blog.

  11. BurninBiomass

    I completely agree that making serious physical threats or telling someone they should die or go kill themselves is horribly wrong. No excuse for that.

    Calling names, I don’t know. Some people might think saying things like “Fool, moron, thief” are calling names, and some might think those are just accurate descriptions. Although calling someone a “syphilis carrying crack whore” would be name calling I would disagree with (unless ,of course, the person being called that could be accurately described as being that).

  12. Pelham

    This fauxtog got what she deserved. It never ceases to amaze me how often people suddenly cite what good Christians they are, and the fact that they had to feed their family, as justification for actions like this. I’ve been in hard places myself in the past and never, ever resorted to theft or hiding behind the skirts of religion in order to survive. I have no pity for her at all.

  13. Oh my ! Karma Is a bitch ! Ha ha ha

  14. Pelham

    ETA: I don’t know about the States, but up here in Canada, even just the intent to commit fraud is enough to lay criminal charges. This is a clear-cut case of not just theft but fraud, too.

  15. Mary Who Knew

    I do know this girl. She does produce amazing images that in fact do belong to her. Yes, I have shot with her on several occasions to witness that she was the one producing the work. She does not print her client images at Walmart. She uses a pro print lab. She is a legal business that pays her taxes. She made a horrible decision by taking those images and passing them as her own. I wouldn’t consider her a fauxtog really…because she has put a lot of time and research into doing the work that is hers. She messed up bad. She doubted herself and instead of working harder, she tried to take the easy way out. She is paying for it…both monetarily and emotionally. Her business is gone. So, let it go. Move on and don’t lose sleep of something that doesn’t directly involve you personally.

    • “She does produce amazing images that in fact do belong to her.”

      Bullshit. If she did, she would use them.

      “Her business is gone. ”

      Good. One less thief claiming to be a photographer.

      • Ellen

        The exif data is intact. Looks like Slaton shoots Canon, I’m assuming the Nikon D700 photos are hers. Her shots look good.

    • Wsroadrunner

      So that’s why she steals other peoples work? Or, as I have to wonder due to the glowing defense of her, should I ask if you are meagan?

    • BurninBiomass

      “So, let it go. Move on”


      I want her story written in stone as a warning to others. Sic Semper Images thieves.

    • Heather

      I’m concerned on what you think is “amazing” work if you have second shot for her… When you steal from others you lose your business, easy as that. Plus, it does involve all REAL professional photographers personally. Our work could be the next that is stolen from super fauxtogs like yourselves.

      • Mary Who Knew

        Yes I have shot with her. Did you personally see her site or facebook before they were removed? You aren’t a “REAL professional photographer” that was personally involved so let it go. I love how you are so “professional” that you threw a jab in a called me a fauxtog. How in the world do you get clients with that level of “professionalism”? Seems like you wanted to jump in with the mob and get your adrenaline rush.

        By the way. This story has been told. Over and over and over for the last two weeks. You all must have been sleeping if you think this is a new article.

        This is YANAP attempt to boost their site and be seen by using a hot topic such as this. Sick.

    • Are you the same Mary who commented earlier? She stated that she knew a photographer who knew Meagan. I’m just wondering if you are the friend, also named Mary or if you do not have a connection to the earlier commenter. Just wondering.

      • Mary Who Knew

        No I am not. It is a coincidence that someone named Mary commented before me. Why?

      • Well, because I thought it odd that the only 2 people who claimed a connection to Meagan and came to her defense were both named Mary. But one claimed she’s a “friend-of-a-friend” – the other to know her personally (you). I was wondering if maybe “Mary” was a made-up friend by Meagan and she couldn’t kept her stories straight.

        It seems I was wrong. She is lucky to have you as a friend. I don’t mean that sarcastically. Every single person walking this green earth has done wrong and is in need of grace from others from time to time. Grace, by definition is mercy that is NOT deserved.

        I think the reason people are so worked up over this situation is that it was all so….intentional. It’s not as if she had a temporary lapse in judgement, a weak moment where someone else’s pic ended up on her site. It was so calculated. This was the first I’d heard of this story. I did a quick google search and saw the real photographer’s page who’d taken one of the engagement sessions, followed by the stolen posting by Meagan. I was so disturbed by the fictitious stories. Detailed retelling of interactions with the couples. As even just a reader of her blog (not even a bride) I would have felt so….used, for lack of a better word. Made to feel silly for reading a tender writing about a couple, when everything was just made up.

        I know when I got married, budgeting for a top photographer was my highest priority. Other things got cut back to make up for what was most important to me – the photography. I interviewed many photogs and chose carefully. I can only imagine how the people duped in real life must feel.

        One last thing….I’ve been a photographer for 6 years now. Before that I practiced, took photography classes at a local community collage and shadowed a local professional for a year. It was so hard to actually “hang that shingle” because I knew that I had to be consistent. Consistently good. I couldn’t have an “off” day, because every session was important to whomever I was servicing. In fact, the first two years, I didn’t want to put my very best work on my website. My own work. I worried that people would except sessions to be filled with the very best, and that I wouldn’t deliever. So I would post almost entire sessions so people could see what to expect. I’m now much more confident, but I think it is healthy to know that no matter what you know, there’s always more you don’t know. Don’t stop learning. I guess I simply cannot relate to Meagan advertising top-notch photography and then not delievering. Why would see think that she would get away with that? I was very curious to hear you say she did in fact do nice work. What a shame and a waste if that’s really the case.

      • Ellen

        MW, from what I have heard from others, the stories were made up based on a marketing standpoint… in order for a blog post to rank and be noticed in google, it has to have a minimum of 300 words. The stories were “filler text” so that it would help her SEO. TOTALLY not an excuse or a validation reason… yes it’s wrong… but that’s the story that is going around.

  16. Is it sad that I think this could have gone worse? There are people out there who’ll scream and rant that the material really is theirs and try to use it again under a new name. Heck, at least she apologized. But I don’t condone the action at all, of course.

  17. What she did was stupid, and wrong, and probably illegal. No one is arguing that.

    But I’m more stunned at how much ugliness it’s brought out in others. There are some seriously awful comments in this thread. I can only hope I never make a mistake around any of you. Do you just go through life looking for people to kick while they’re down?

    Since when did YANAP become host to so little class?

  18. i had some people steal one of my pics for there clothing line …i took care of it the Italian way….they are no longer in business … happened in Montreal Canada 5 years ago

  19. Kylie

    It happened to a friend of mine…one of her images turned up on a t-shirt at a so called very reputable clothing store. Just because images are on the net, doesn’t mean you can steal them. Not only did they steal the image, they initially refused to remove the offending article until she threatened legal action. If you think you won’t get caught…think again!

  20. Mary Who Knew

    First of all, I am not a fauxtog. No I am not Meagan. If I was, I would have used my real name. She has taken an internet break due to all the hatred. I never said what she did was right. I did say that she does have nice work and real talent….her real work was mixed with the work that she stole so she did use her own work. No one that knows her real work can understand why she would do this other than she wasn’t advancing as quickly as she wanted. I am not “glowingly defending” her at all. I was merely trying to bring about another side to this story. To let you know that she is trying to right the wrong that she made. I am betting that ALL of those spewing hatred have screwed up at least once….maybe screwed up HUGE. NO ONE is perfect. Again, I don’t condone her actions at all. They were wrong and she knows that. She has personally contacted each photographer that was directly involved over the phone and through email….what the hell else can she do? Throwing in your two cents won’t change a thing…you know why? Your opinion doesn’t matter because what is done is done. Again, her business is gone so what is the point?

    I agree that the people that frequent this place seem to have checked their class at the door.

    • BurninBiomass

      I can fully accept your letting people know this was a nice person. I can fully accept your relaying that she is contacting people and trying to apologize. And, I can accept that you are defending the work she actually did.

      What I cant accept is saying that people should not be talking about this or her. What she did hits photographers on a deep emotional level. People work hard for an image or style, and they are (rightly) fiercely protective of that. Yes, people are mad.

      I can understand that her family and friends would like the story to die off (I certainly would if I knew and liked the photographer), but many people are first finding out about this and wish to express their opinion (and yes, its a strong opinion). When a subject like this comes up, people are going to give their opinions, and they have every right to do so.

      I appreciate that she apologized and took responsibility for her actions, but doing those things does not make the incident go away. Only time is going to do that.

      • Ellen

        I think you’re wrong. I’m a photographer and I honestly couldn’t give a crap what other photographers are doing as long as it doesn’t personally effect ME. I think no-name momtogs enjoy leaving these harsh comments only to make themselves feel better about themselves. We ALL screw up. Her mistake was more public than others. It’s good to know that if your life was to be broadcasted on the Internet, that you’d be able to bask in the perfection that is your life. Must be nice.

      • BurninBiomass

        “as it doesn’t personally effect ME”. What a great world view.

        Mistake isn’t a great word, it sounds a little innocent. She purposely stole images from another photographer. There was no accident, it was a deliberate act.

        I have done things wrong in the past, but not like this. Besides, if we always let people go because “we all screw up”, no one would be in jail or get sued.

        She is the one who was broadcasting her life on the internet. She just found out that the bad gets broadcasted with the good.

      • Ellen

        lol, you act like she murdered a newborn or something. the point is, we all do things we are not proud of, whether it is an intentional act or a mistake. i am glad that you are so perfect that if your life was to be broadcasted in front of the world, that you would be able to say that you did not regret anything. you people make me sick. i hope that when you do end up doing something you aren’t proud of, that karma bites you in the ass. maybe then, and only then, some of you will step down off your high horse and realize that we are human beings. and for the record, she wasn’t broadcasting anything on the internet. she had to delete her PRIVATE personal facebook because of people like yourself, as well as her instagram that was full of nothing but photos of her young children. hope that makes you all happy!

      • BurninBiomass

        But is she had killed a newborn, I’m sure you would be here to tell us to get over it because she said she was sorry and that none of us were perfect. LOL

        No, sorry Ellen. You cannot use anything that I or you might have done in the past to excuse her horrible behavior.

        She stole someones images and called them her own. You obviously don’t understand how serious other photographers take that (I suppose that goes along with your “as long as it doesn’t personally effect ME” attitude).

        Of course she was broadcasting herself on the internet. Thats where she put the stolen images up to begin with.

      • Ellen

        Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I’m not trying to “excuse” or “validate” her behavior. I think that no-name photogs like the ones posting here want their say in the matter just to make themselves feel better. It’s pathetic, really! You’re entitled to your opinion but if you have a problem with the photographer, perhaps you should take your problems to them directly instead of hashing it all over the internet. What good is it doing you…. honestly? Love how you all hide behind the anonymity of the internet… makes you such a bad ass, huh?

      • BurninBiomass

        No Ellen, thats what you are doing. By trying to lay the “i am glad that you are so perfect” or “we all do things we are not proud of” on everyone, you are trying to excuse her behavior and make it sound not so bad. We understand that you don’t think this was a big deal, but many of us do think this was a big deal.

        The idea that if someone does something wrong people should only talk directly to the perpetrator is completely ridiculous. Think of all the newspapers across the nation. Then think about all the articles each one has. In online editions all of those articles have “Comments” area where people talk about people and the rights and wrongs they do all the time! Its a fantasy to think you can chastise people into only talk nice and cuddly things about other people online.

      • BurninBiomass

        “Love how you all hide behind the anonymity of the internet… makes you such a bad ass, huh?”

        BTW, this sentence invalidates your whole argument, since you are calling people names (bad ass) while posting anonymously (sorry, no, “Ellen” doesn’t count as not being anonymous). At the very least its entirely hypocritical.

  21. Amber Hughes is just as terrible. What kind of professional posts a whiny comment like that? She should have contacted her directly AT LEAST BEFORE she told everyone else. She tweeted publicly on purpose to sic a bunch of other immature “professionals” on Meagan. I cannot sincerely consider Amber Hughes a professional or worth hiring.
    At least I’ve learned to not only do my research on quality of photos, but quality of the photographer themselves.

    • Really?? Blame the victim?

      • she said sorry cause she got nailed …thats it thats all ….she would still have them posted if it would not have been the case …so dont even accept the bull .She got nailed and now is sucking up to all photographers !

      • Ellen

        Define “sucking up to the photographers”? Where are you seeing this???? She APOLOGIZED. It’s human nature to apologize when you are caught…at least it’s the RIGHT thing to do. She obviously didn’t realize what she was getting into when she did this, otherwise I am sure she would not have done it!

  22. Ellen

    You people are amazing. She apologized. I honestly think this would have been better for her if she disappeared and/or blamed her web designer like everyone else does. She owned up to her mistake and took responsibility. Also, her actual work was very good. She had no reason to do what she did. I know she spent thousands on a full frame camera and lenses to go with it. She was good…and her real work would never appear on this site. It’s a shame that YANAP is taking advantage of a hot topic in the photography industry and using it to boost their traffic.

    • YANAP is taking advantage of a hot topic in the photography industry and using it to boost their traffic.

      They don’t need to boost their traffic there are enough fauxtrogaphers out there doing stupid things to keep this site going forever and a day.

      She stole work – that is it. Simple. Even is she can take ggod images that still doesn’t justify stealing images. If you steal money or anything you pay the price!

      So she lost her personal FB page – her problem she was the one who stole images and passed them off as hers.

      • Ellen

        You are beating a dead horse. This has been going on for weeks. I’m not justifying her actions AT ALL… but she has had her privacy violated… people were showing up at her house and she had to leave the area… DO YOU NOT THINK SHE IS PAYING THE PRICE?

      • Ginger

        We’re not done beating it just yet, Ellen. It’s still recognizable.

  23. NicCole

    I’m perfect. I also came here to make friends, not win a game. I also have a very good camera, thanks for asking. I *do* know the iphone has a camera in it and it *does* have megapixels. Do *you* know what that means?

    We’re not perfect isn’t valid for stealing. Stealing takes intent, which checks morals at the door. It sits on the “God bless this House” mat, next to class.

    Photographers are pissed because this sort of thing keeps happening, and if it’s not highly publicized, and talked about by other photographers, it will keep happening. Actually, it’ll keep happening anyway, but at least we can expose people for doing it.

    If death threats and hate mail are coming at her, and the posts upset her, then maybe she should log off for a while and stop reading them. Unless someone’s at her door, I think she’ll be okay, safety-wise. It’s easy to make a death threat to a computer screen; I do it nearly every time I edit.

    Though I don’t have to make death threats, cuz I’m perfect.

  24. Mary Who Knew

    The problem with all of this is the fact that the article that was written is only based upon facts….that does not mean the story as it is written is actually true. The link to the article posted has a bunch of facts pulled together from the internet and then pieced together to form a timeline where the author entered in her ASSUMPTIONS about what happened. She never actually spoke to Meagan or any of the others involved.(it states that at the bottom of the article) I liken it to the movie National Treasure….there are lots of real and actual facts in the movie sprinkled with a few things that may or may not be true….that does not make the movie “real”
    What Meagan did was wrong. Yes it was intentional. Yes her real work is actually good. Yes she is paying for it. No it does not affect the entire industry….no one in my area has even heard of this story, let alone cares about it. It was on the news in her state. Only photographers on the internet know about this, I highly doubt that any regular non photogs even know, so how in the world can it affect the entire industry and whether or not people trust us as photographers? I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense.

    Please try to understand this as I write it one more time….no one is trying to justify what she did. Period. It was wrong. I was criminal. She is paying for it.

    She has logged off. She isn’t getting threats over the internet. She is getting them on her cell phone and house phone as well as at her home….you cannot really log off of that now can you?

    When a child does something wrong, do you not teach them to apologize to try to make amends for the wrong? It doesn’t make what you did right but it is a step in the right direction no matter WHY you apologized. She is trying to right the wrong. She contacted those photographers directly what else can she do? At least she took responsibility for what she did instead of disappearing altogether and then popping back up under another name, which is more than I can say of all the others who choose to steal images that are not theirs. It is up to the photographers directly affected to decide whether or not to press charges, not anyone else. No amount of name calling will change that.

    Everyone makes mistakes.
       [mi-steyk] Show IPA noun, verb, mis·took, mis·tak·en, mis·tak·ing.
    an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc

    I think it qualifies as poor reasoning. Did she know better, of course. Is she paying for her error in action, of course.


    • hey Mary ….once it happens to you we will piss our selves laughing ….cant wait to see your reaction when people take credit for your work…make money on your work…and you get nothing …a sorry will make things better? Will it make you bread to put on the table.?..Will it put money in the bank for you?
      Will it get you the new car you wanted ?…Will it bring you more clients ? Will it make you feel better in the morning when you get up ? I would nail her ass to the wall .Court loves cases like this .
      Sorry dont mean crap unless you say it before you get nailed for stealing!

      • Mary Who Knew

        Hey real professional again. Wishing bad upon someone else. You should read my statement above again but more thoroughly this time. I didn’t say an apology makes everything ok, I said it was the first step in the right direction to try to make amends for what she did. It isn’t ALL she did. What is the first step of a recovering addict? They must admit that they have a problem(which she did) they must also apologize to those that they have hurt or wronged(which she did) Again, you people only have bits.and. pieces of what has happened, not all. The article is only an ASSUMPTION of what the author believed to have happened.

      • i bet your a republican !

    • Do you really think that if I stole the Star Wars movies and posted them as my own, made money off it and then when busted is said “Oh I am sorry” – what a load of crap. She didn’t crash into somebody’s car. She took something that somebody worked very hard for and said it was her own. I am so sure George Lucas wouldn’t mind at all. And hey why should he get upset and angry, she did say she was sorry.

      Like said above by Acierman, sorry doesn’t put bread on the table.

    • @ Acierman – And I bet “your” a Dem! 🙂 ooooooohh….it’s getting nasty!

      • hahaha…nope …just moved to the usa from Montreal Canada …cant vote for the next 8 years .and from what i see i wouldnt vote ….does that help !

      • MEAGAN – MAY 9, 2012 – 6:35 PM
        Hey you guys – I just wanted to chime in here real quick as I was lead here by a facebook message.

        I just wanted to say I’m sorry, again, to everyone I have hurt in the process of this. It was never my intention. I guess I have always wanted a “get rich quick” photography business, and I know I went about doing it the hard way. I realize that the photographers I stole from studied hard and worked hard for many years, and what I did was insulting to them and their business. I am truly sorry. I want be honest and right the wrongs that I have done.

        You can read what I posted on my fb page here:

        Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like. My email is

  25. Mary Who Knew

    I am trying to figure out what that statement has to do with anything I said?

    • just your way of thinking ….i cant even imagine laying over and let people crap on me like the way you think ….i dont get mad…but just cant understand why is it ok to steal from others and then a simple sorry should make it all better ….it worked for Bill Clinton ….for Bush .and now this so called photographer ….let me guess ….she never inhaled also !

      • Mary Who Knew

        You obviously either A. Cannot read and comprehend what I wrote above several times or B. Choose not to read what I wrote above several times because you would rather be confrontational.

    • no not at all …most of the photographers said the same as i did but in different ways ..i could say it in french and italian if i think it could help ….SHE STOLE …SHE GOT NAILED AND THAT’S THE ONLY REASON SHE SAID SORRY ! YOU HAVE PITY FOR THIS IDIOT AND I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY….SHE SAID SORRY AND THEN IT MAKES IT OK?

  26. Mary Who Knew

    Ok OBVIOUSLY you follow the latter of the two and like to be confrontational. Show me where I said that since she said she was sorry, that makes everything ok? You cannot because I didn’t. Who cares why she said she was sorry? What difference does it make? NOT ONE FLIPPING BIT OF DIFFERENCE. YOU and your OPINIONS don’t matter! No matter what you say, what is done is done and YOU had NOTHING to do with it! 🙂

  27. Ellen

    Christ on a stick. This reminds me of that popular quote… “if you didn’t see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth” instead of spreading rumors like this, why don’t you all go to the SOURCE? i’m done with this… i hope to God none of you ever make a mistake, and then get rammed for apologizing after the fact!

    • it happened to me …thats why im pissed off …i lost a shit load of money ….dont you get it …its stealing bread from the mouth of others hard labor and then pretending its your own …what dont you get ….tell ya what…how bout you give me the 5000$ i lost …then i slap your face….and then i say im sorry ….it should make everything better dont you think?

  28. Mary Who Knew

    You lost money due to what Meagan did? Then you should be talking to her. Otherwise, this is not your battle. Sorry it happened to you, I am sure that it sucks. I cannot imagine. You make pretty good money for a part time photographer!

    • i never said she stole from me …i said it happened to me and guess what…i took care of it y own way…sorry didnt cut it for me …the company is no longer in business and they got what they deserved …never ever steal from someone that works hard and has thousands of dollars invested in there own business…it could be the worst mistake someone could do …like this company found out the hard way …im a guy that forgives stupidity…we all have our stupid moments …but stealing is not one of them ….people know better ….if it doesnt belong to you …dont take it …thats all i am going to say about it …now lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that…i love everyone …as long as you work hard at your craft and enjoy what you do …its all that matters !

  29. Mary Who Knew

    Again, I never said saying sorry made everything ok…please take the time to S-L-O-W-L-Y reread my responses above. Never once did I state that it was ok, only that she did apologize and is talking to the photographers involved to correct what she did.

    • I hope Meagan is no longer suicidal. If she is, I highly recommend the Suicide Hotline—it has helped a great number of people. She is experiencing the height of the negative viral backlash right now, but as quickly as online hate builds, it also quickly diminishes as people move on to someone else who did something wrong, unpopular, unethical, illegal, etc. It’ll get better. She can rebuild her life, and hopefully will do it more ethically this time.

      What she did was wrong, and it’s good she was found out. But the level of hatred involved and the mob mentality is shocking and scary. It reminds me of the Richard Jewell case—he was the man who discovered the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics, and then was pegged by the media as “a possible suspect” because he fit the profile of someone who wanted to be a “hero.” He lost his job and he and his mother had to leave their home because of all the death threats. In that case he is more of a tragic figure, because it turns out he really WAS a hero—someone else had planted the bomb. But the lesson still stands: It’s understandable to be pissed or outraged about theft, which is itself an invasive and terrible crime. But it’s not understandable (to me, at least) to support the complete dismantling of a human being, or condone death threats and the like.

  30. Heather

    Wow.. some of you make me sad to call myself a photographer. What everyone seems to forget is there is this thing called professional courtesy. I wanted to get ahead faster in the game so I worked harder and networked my butt off.. I didn’t have to steal other peoples images to get where I am. There is no excuse for her behavior and all of the “excuses” you people keep making for her are just ridiculous. She knew exactly what she was doing right down to picking the pictures to steal.. as for her reasoning.. who cares. I personally would not have been so kind as the photographers she stole from I would have pressed charges.

    I also feel the need to tell Mary.. you want us all to get over it.. why don’t you be the one to start that process and stop posting every 5 minutes telling us to. You are instigating more conversation by your silly rebuttals. And your comment about all the “No name” photographers wanting to feel special.. I’m sure you’ve never heard my name.. yet my work is nationwide.. hmmm. Maybe you should quit picking at other people since we know you aren’t perfect too (by your own admission). I am not perfect.. wouldn’t want to be I think it would be too hard.. but I have never and will never steal another artists work.

    • Mary Who Knew

      Heather, that was not my comment. I didn’t say that about you. I can post as often as I like actually whether you like it or not. I set out to prove that you all were out for blood with a mob mentality and I think I proved my point. State facts, not assumptions about what happened. Why should *I* be the one bullied into silence? You don’t like what I have to say. I believe that I have quenched the fire instead of fanning the flames.

      • Heather

        I didn’t say you said that comment about me personally.. I was just stating that you should not generalize because some of us are professionals even if you have never heard of us And out for blood? What in my comment proved that I was out for blood? You sit here and tell us we are out for blood.. seems to me you are out for your 15 minutes of fame.. and you call this quenching the flames? Wow. You are obviously the one out for blood.. and if it doesn’t effect you like you keep saying why would you keep talking? I think the other guy is right.. I think you are the Fauxtog and that’ why you are deffending everything the way you are even though you have no reason to. Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes pissing off a bunch of photographers on a photography site. You are truly something else.

      • Mary Who Knew

        “I also feel the need to tell Mary.. you want us all to get over it.. why don’t you be the one to start that process and stop posting every 5 minutes telling us to. You are instigating more conversation by your silly rebuttals. And your comment about all the “No name” photographers wanting to feel special..”

        Actually you did say it was me. If you are pissed, that is your choice. It wasn’t my intention. I am excellent at playing devils advocate. Again, I didn’t use my real name so how would this be me trying to get “my 15 minutes of fame”?

      • Heather

        And you still keep on going.. wow. I’m not pissed.. I just think you are completely ridiculous. And if you would read what I wrote your silly rebuttal really has nothing to do with what I said. You say you are quenching the flames in one comment and then that you are playing devil’s advocate in the next.. well.. which is it? I guess that would make me question if that really is your name because you can’t seem to keep anything straight.. maybe you should sign in as Mary Who Doesn’t Know. You obviously don’t get the graveness of what this woman did. There could have been several law suits filed not only for the pictures but also for the blogs she stole.. or how about the mission statement she stole? Was there ANYTHING about her so called business that was for real? And you sit here and defend what she did. So hey does that mean you were in on it? You would have had to know that she was posting pictures that weren’t hers so wouldn’t that make you just as guilty as her? Think about it.. and how everyone else is thinking about it. Thieves go to jail, and that’s what she did, why should she be any different? Just because she’s depressed because she made the decision to do what she did? I bet you would be singing a different tune if it was your work she stole. Sheesh.

      • Heather

        And before you throw out another not very well thought out rebuttal go back and read what you have said because I read it.. there is no back paddling when it’s written in black and white. You say that you have seen her work and you know her.. how could you not know she was posting other people’s pictures? My friends sure as heck would have. When I post something that isn’t up to my par people start questioning what’s going on.. wouldn’t it work the other way around too? Trying to get ahead is not an excuse for bad behavior. Like I said before.. I worked my butt off to be where I am.. why should she get a pass because she couldn’t cut it? You know in Arabic countries they cut off your hand and tattoo your forehead when you get caught stealing so everyone knows you are a thief. She killed her business.. not all of us.. so I really have no sympathy at all. Get over it.. isn’t that what you keep telling us? Well maybe she should just get over it and find another line of work.

      • Mary Who Knew

        I know her yes. Am I her best friend who has known her since kindergarten no. I have known her for a little over a year. She traveled to GA and we shot a wedding together in July. We text sometimes….we are apart of the same forums. I traveled to Arkansas to shoot a wedding with her in September. I had NO clue that she was taking photos that weren’t hers. The thought never occurred to me actually as I had seen her physically shoot and the products of those weddings. We are in two different states. I guess maybe your friends go with you to all your sessions and know all your clients? You are crazy to push this off on me like I should have known what she was doing. No one did. I didn’t believe it when I heard it until she told me with her own mouth. Two sides to every story. Heather, you are very clearly a BITCH. You don’t know me. You don’t know Meagan. Wake up, we are in America, not an Arabic country. If you feel that we should cut off someone’s hand then I invite you to move to an Arabic country because we don’t need your hatred here. I am not defending her….read what I wrote again…yes I said it because of your idiocy. She stole. She was wrong. Get over it. OJ MURDERED someone and got away with it. There is not a darn thing you or anyone else says that will change what she did. Please try to get that through your head if you can.

        The devil’s advocate comment was referring to your comments that I was responding to that had NOTHING to do with what this thread is about. You know the one where you wrote the bitchy comment about me trying to be famous? I am done with you Heather. I hope you treat your clients with better couth than you have shown here.

      • Ginger

        Yeah you guys! This is America, not some Arabic country! How dare you feel upset over a shameless theft! I mean like, why are you bothering with something as small as this crime when there are other problems on the other side of the world! AMERICA!! Land of “well she’s my friend so, that makes it okay (but it’s really not, so can we pretend it never happened?)”. Oh Mary, You so silly.

    • How can you call Heather a bitch? She is just stating the facts. I have re-read all the comments and yours are like a yo-yo – one minute you are defending her and next you are saying that you don’t agree with that she says.

      We must now all just accept it because Meagan played with fire and got seriously burnt? Do you or Meagan actually realize that legal ramifications that could happen?

      • Mary Who Knew

        Actually, Mike, saying someone is trying to “be famous” or get their “15 minutes of fame” is actually an opinion, not fact. Yes, she was trying to be a bitch because she didn’t like my comments. I am done. You people are hopeless. Flame away!

      • Mary Who Knew

        Just so you know, I am not the same Mary from the beginning of the comments. Two different people hence two different opinions. Carry on with the flaming.

    • Heather

      Well.. I see. You tell me I have no couth yet you sit here and call me a bitch for doing exactly what you are doing.. stating my opinion based on the facts that I know. And let’s think about this for a second Ms. Mary why would I treat my clients with anything less than respect. You know the difference here is I am a true professional.. you don’t get a contract with a concert venue without couth.. business sense.. and being able to produce what they want.. so nice try. As I stated in my earlier post.. I got where I am because of hard work and dedication.. I didn’t have to steal other peoples work to speed the process up. People that need to stoop that low make me sick to my stomach.. just goes to show you can buy everything on this planet but couth and talent.

      • Heather

        As for my you just want your 15 minutes of fame comment.. are you really trying to say that you aren’t basking in the limelight because you are the proverbial friend? Then you say.. “maybe” you can figure out who I am.. should we be figuring out who you are so we can check your website to see if it’s all your work? Or do you really think we care who you are? How super sad. I think your 15 minutes is over.. so sorry. (now honey.. that’s being a bitch.. get it right!)

  31. From researching this more, she didn’t just steal photos but also many of her “blogs” were also stolen, word for word from other photographers. So she stole photos and blogs. Just google carusophotography and read their blog about her. He has screen shots and it is all backed up.

  32. Chris

    Hmmm . . . nice try Mary Who Knew

    it is a well known fact in a certain industry that when people attempt to change their Identity they will fall into two categories,
    1: the Ridiculous, Mellifluous Wanton Kornkobbery,
    2: make it simple, Meagan Wendy Kunert

    • Acierman

      Hmmm . . . nice try Mary Who Knew

      it is a well known fact in a certain industry that when people attempt to change their Identity they will fall into two categories,
      1: the Ridiculous, Mellifluous Wanton Kornkobbery,
      2: make it simple, Meagan Wendy Kunert

    • Mary Who Knew

      I am NOT Meagan. Too bad you didn’t read my response above 🙂 I changed my name because I didn’t want you blood thirsty fiends to come after me just because I happen to think that there are two sides to every story.

      I shot WITH her, I am not her. I live in GA actually. If you are smart enough you *might* figure out who I am….but why would you go to so much trouble unless you are trying to cause issues?

  33. angee woodman

    I just wanted to update you..Meg is still shooting..Shes went on a rampage of ruining her husband. Shes cheated on him..faked cancer…faked domestic abuse….went to jail for hot checks..and the list goes on..Please make sure she never works again

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