Need A Towel?

Sorry fauxtog, you’re going to need more than a towel to clean up this mess!

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  1. This is the worst one I have ever seen you post. I’m just completely floored by the….the…just the whole damn thing.

  2. Well, at least their “fans” hated it before it came here.

  3. Wsroadrunner

    I agree with the comments, WTF?

  4. Nicholas Wong

    Wow! Somebody actually paid to get this done? Highly unlikely…I hope. This is kinda sad. It looks as if somebody tried to stuff her into a linen closet. I would never post anything like this and be proud of it…..

  5. Wsroadrunner

    This wouldn’t even be a good Myspace picture

  6. Gas station restroom =/= sexy backdrop for photo

  7. Art_Student13

    I love how the comments said everything. It’s bad when people who don’t know anything about composing an image are bashing it

  8. bandidog

    I think they are re doing the sence from crocodile Dundee,where the female reporter comes into the bathroom like this and Mick think`s it`s a maid.Anyway this still sucks.

  9. I really think that if you are going to “expose fauxtogs” then you should start blacking out their names so you can REALLY expose them.

    • Snappy

      Well, there’s these things called libel and slander… you can have your pants sued off for publicly spoiling someone’s reputation. True story.

      • Kristen

        Editorial comment.

      • Kristen – you might want to check on that – fair comment only applies as long as the statements are not made with ill will, spite, or with the intent to harm the plaintiff.

        It could also be argued that none of the photographers here are “public figures” in the sense that no one would recognize them if they walked down the street, as opposed to a movie star or politician.

      • Kristen

        When you’re putting your work out there as a professional for hire on a website, you’re making yourself a public figure. As far as ill will, etc, goes, it’s a review, no different than writing up a horrible movie.

  10. I meant “stop” blacking out their names. sorry. I’m still a little shaking up by this “pic”

  11. It does make me sad when people insult the subject of the photo, though. Like, this woman was trying to have a photo taken to feel good about herself and feel sexy (I assume, anyway). It’s not her fault this “professional” didn’t have the skills to take or edit a flattering photo.

  12. Here shoe isn’t even zipped up. Unless I don’t know enough about shoes and it should be that way? Regardless, that deodorant should not be there, I’m sure of that.

  13. BeckyBoo

    Hahah @ the fb comment ‘and her foot is so fat she cant even zip up her boot’ funny as ….

  14. bandidog

    Still sucks,sorry.

  15. meggy

    Just sad.

  16. I always have such sympathy for the subjects in photos like this. The comments are bound to be hurtful to the poor girl, but this pic is just awful. 🙁

  17. This deserves a “what the actual f#@#?”

  18. Earguy

    Forget that the girl is overweight. I admire that she feels pretty enough for such a pose, everyone deserves to be sexy. Even a “classic beauty” couldn’t save this abomination. Horrible white balance, poor attention to detail (shoe zipper, deodorant on the floor), composition problems, she doesn’t have a sexy expression, etc.

  19. Seriously?…SERIOUSLY?!!


    I love the comment!!! The deodorant is on the floor! THE DEODORANT IS ON THE FLOOR!!! HAHA!!!
    I wouldn’t know where to begin commenting!!!

  21. Lori G

    Aside from everything else wrong with this shot, she forgot to put a new roll of tp on the spindle!

  22. Really I think we need to see more of the toilet. Just enough of it is in the frame to “tease” us and I know I’m not alone here in wanting to expose the mystery of this toilet. Why is the deodorant placed at its base? Is it a low-boy? Does it have that pretty blue water? Pressurized? We may never know.

  23. The only thing I can think of with this, is Robin Williams “Donald Duck BJ” line – “just wait there I’ll go get you a towel”
    Other than that this is the first pic i have commented on, and there is nothing remotely good enough in this photo.

  24. Isabel

    I love the comments, so glad the fauxtographer gets to see feedback, its good for them. Except for the fat comment, that is just cruel.

  25. Veronica

    I don’t get this photo but I like her shoes.

  26. What is this? “What not to do”? A joke? I can’t believe any photographer–even fauxtographer–thought this was a good idea. Or a good result. This photo is bad, and the fauxtographer should feel bad, to paraphrase Zoidberg.

  27. Oh dear. I am guessing this image could have been worse – she could have been holding a toilet paper role?

  28. Snappy

    Good Lord, What the F*$&!!! Nothing more glamorous than a $40 TJ hooker holding a towel without fluorescent white balance!!! You may need it to clean up the puke after you’re done.

    At least he hid most of her behind the door!

    • That’s very cruel =( Yeah the photo inhales vigorously, but you don’t need to make fun of the subject. She is probably very pretty, but having jaundice due to bad color balance won’t help anyone.

      • Snappy

        You have a point, but its the photogs responsibility to present her in the best possible way. They made her look as terrible as possible here.

  29. Ok – so – lady half in and half out of a public restroom (if that is a private bath, I don’t want to see the rest of the house), deodorant on the floor… Isn’t anyone here a wedding photographer? stuff laying on the floor of the restroom in the church is common – so common that sometimes as a photographer you forget it’s there.

    I’m not saying that this is good – I’m just saying where and how this was taken. It’s a church restroom and they are getting ready for a wedding – maybe even hers.

    As a wedding photographer – this would not be up on any of my sites. White balance is off, focus is not great, and it should have be edited to remove the distractions…

    • I don’t think this was a random shot for a wedding…I get what you’re saying, but there’s a comment in the facebook comments that make me think the rest of these are the same. =( Sad yeah

      • Didn’t notice that one… okay – now i’m puzzled again…

  30. I really hope she didn’t pay for this!

  31. Pelham

    If this girl’s the bride or in the bridal party, she’s the most miserable one I’ve ever seen. Not a speck of makeup in sight either, which doesn’t help. And fwiw…the strap of a black bra is visible…don’t think many brides would risk wearing a black bra under a presumably white dress.


  32. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    Oh damn …

  33. roger

    wow, she looks like a two dollar hooker. a ho. a prostitute.

  34. spike

    I assume the “story” being told in this photo is that she is entering the bathroom under the pretenses of delivering her s/o a towel, but with the real intent of joining him/her in the shower?

    Whoever came up with this awkward pose has obviously NEVER shared a shower like that.

    And it looks like a budget hotel bathroom.

  35. The door handle, the thin door with the vent on the bottom, the tile work, and the wall-mounted toilet would all indicate that this is in Europe somewhere, or most likely the UK. I see that a lot of you guys must be in the US, where you bathrooms at home don’t look like this. But in the UK or the rest of Europe, this would not be unusual in somebody’s home.

  36. Incredulous

    Picture no longer available? Should I be glad I missed it?

  37. Angela

    Aghhhh! I wanted to see it!

  38. Angela

    Whoever this person is, they are no longer a member… hehe.

  39. spike

    I’m a bit surprised YANAP doesn’t DL and reUL these pics to their own hosting. Too often the images become unavailable when the posting is just a day or so old.

  40. I feel bad for the subject. Internet @$$h01e$ don’t understand that BBWs girls are pretty too.

  41. Chairman

    Sure wish I could see this–but the last 6 or 7 photos are missing. This system isn’t working.

    And I can see no real reason to black out the fauxtographers names–they put them out there publicly themselves.

    • they’re back now – must have been a flickr issue.

      They black out the names because they don’t want to get sued or any more letters from lawyers then they already do.

      There’s been 4 + cases on here where with a little google.ability and a few minutes you could find the photographer’s site – I believe all of them have been taken down within a day of the first posting.

    • They’re gone again, says flickr member is no longer active.

  42. I wish people could critique without being absolutely nasty about the model (The comments on facebook). The ENTIRE photo is bizarre, it really is. Everything about it is horrible. I loved that someone pointed out the deodorant.

    “Thanks for bringing me the towel, but you forgot to grab a new roll of toilet paper too.”

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