Naughty Or Nice Mug Shot

Kinda funny idea, horrible execution!

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  1. Cute Idea, horrid photoshop cut work, bad lighting and backdrop.. Looks like something my kid would do.

  2. I have seen this done correctly and it’s a really cute idea but this is just horrible.

  3. would be a cute idea if it was done right ……

  4. Lol it is a cute idea just not put together well. The cutout on the lil one in the floor is terrible around her hair…I’d like to see this done by a professional!

  5. AbsyntheGreene

    The volume of skulls on this family’s clothing should be indicative of something…

  6. Wow … the little girl’s hair … horrible edit.

  7. Lalalalaaaaa

    The whole thing is tacky, execution a disaster. Welcome to modernity! Merry…whatwasthenameofthatholiday again?

    • I sincerely doubt they were going for “classy” being that it’s a mug shot and all. I think “tacky” or “kitschy” was actually the goal. As everyone else stated, the execution is a train wreck. I like the idea though.

  8. Someone get these people some shoes, this backdrop doesn’t need saving.

  9. This is the family that calls around “shopping” for a photographer because “we want pics but don’t have any money”. Looks like they got what they paid for…

  10. Wow! That’s terrible. There should be a comma after SANTA. Haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. pixeldawg

    Yeah, had the photographer used paths and feathered it a bit, it would look really nice. The lighting is pretty bad, but in this instance, I think it kinda goes with the shot. After all, mug shots typically have poor lighting.

  12. Wow, where’d you get that app?

  13. 1) Horrible cutouts.
    2) Why is there a change in the line drawn next to the guy…
    3) Printing on the “plaques” isn’t centered, and ruins the effect.
    3) What’s blocked out on the bottom? I keep reading it as, “Love the fuckin’ family 2012”

    • In response to your second #3, that’s the family’s last name which was blacked out to help give them some modicum of privacy despite the public posting.

      Clearly the fauxtog is not good at photoshop. But what gets me are all the little things. Besides the poor cutouts, lack of levels, lack of layers and so on, there are things like
      – Everyone is tilted to camera left. Even their mug sheets are tilted.
      – WTF is 2’5″? Two feet, 5 inches? He can’t even get half a foot right?
      – 2’5″ is placed around 1 foot.
      – Lines are actually drawn over people. Who’s using the mouse, Edward Scissorhands?!

      This isn’t a lack of photoshop knowledge. This is just wholesale carelessness. There are so many little things bad about this that I can’t help but think we’re being trolled.

      • Apparently I just like putting a swear-word wherever I see an omission haha! Yeah, the execution was really freaking bad; I was going to do a bachelorette party for a friend (before her and her girlfriend broke up) that was mug-shot themed for the photos…I like to think I would have done a little better than this…God, I hope I would have…

      • oh God LOLLOL I didn’t even notice that they think 5’5″ = 5.5 hahahaha

      • Maybe they’re a really tiny family?

  14. BurninBiomass

    I like the straight lines that emphasize the crookedness of the photo.

    And, what kind of misogynist photographer deems all the women to be naughty, and all the men to be nice? Sexist! (kidding BTW, before someone gets all defensive).

  15. Anyone else bothered by the 5″ lines. Make it either 6 ” or .5 (1/2) FT

  16. Wow … that is a horrible execution … the idea is whatever but the execution sucks balls.
    And if the guys were nice then why are they in the lineup and the point of a lineup is to help a victim identify a criminal … so why brand some as guilty and others as innocent?

    The whole thing was poorly thought out but more importantly, poorly executed.

  17. Ugh. And the quotes, those poor, tortured, mis-used quotes. One of them is backwards. The rest of them shouldn’t be used to indicate inches.

    • I thought that was a monkey on the floor, took me a sec to see it was a little girl.

  18. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    The ONLY thing I like, is the “Dear Santa” caption.

  19. Clearly the ‘tog has NO idea that there is a difference between a police lineup and a mug-shot.
    ..nor that there’s a difference when expressing imperial and decimal measurements
    ..nor that there’s a bubble-level on the tripod for a very good reason
    …nor that the concept of a naughty toddler who is almost three feet tall when sitting would be quite scary and more appropriate for a Halloween card.

    • To be fair, not all tripods come with bubble levels. My $300 Manfrotto didn’t but my bf’s $1500 tripod (forget which brand, Gitzo maybe) did.

      Either way bubble levels are fairly cheap and easy to find. And use.

  20. I don’t know what you’re all on about. It looks amazing! That brown sheet is seriously pro. Most pro brown sheet on a floor I’ve ever seen.

  21. TollToll

    I’m pretty sure they edited this in microsoft paint 98

  22. hey, it’s badly edited. but i like it!

  23. Here’s a fun idea, as we poke fun at all these terrible pics, let’s re-take them, and show others how it’s supposed to be done.

    • Great idea, but sadly the people who most need to see those pics – the fauxtogs who get slaughtered here on a daily basis – wouldn’t. Or they might, but not *get* it. Or just accuse us all of being rich (bahahahaaaa) cause we actually have real backdrops and know how to use a tripod level. My house is old so the floors are uneven, I own and have to use a tripod level anyway.

    • You know what!!! I think you just found my new 365 poject!!!

      Ok so it might not be a 365 project … maybe a 52 project. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • criticslove

        ya know I think you have a good idea … you might be surprised to find that some of these people would like the help. just a thought … have you ever tried to contact any of these?

      • Yes and it usually ends up with ranting and angry posts … one person went off and decided she was getting out of photography and selling her gear. The people who;s pictures end up on here can;t deal with FRIENDLY advice, much less a proper critique.

      • criticslove

        I’m no photographer but I do love photos and I am by no means someone that can give what some would consider a proper critique for some of the photos you put on here. I know what I like and sometimes it’s a lil outta the box lol. I don’t usually get into these discussions but for some reason here lately it just strikes me to say something.
        So let me get this right (and please by no means am I trying to say anything against any one who posts here all have a right to their opinion) , you have tried in the past to contact these people and give “friendly” advise and they got upset set with you? It’s just that sometimes the comments seem more mean than helpful, maybe I am just reading them wrong. Just trying to make sense of these things these days, ya know?

      • “So let me get this right (and please by no means am I trying to say anything against any one who posts here all have a right to their opinion) , you have tried in the past to contact these people and give โ€œfriendlyโ€ advise and they got upset set with you? ”

        Yes, actual friendly advice. Being as delicate as one can be while offering a critique. Some people don;t like to have their flaws pointed out to them … unfortunately, they need to so that they can improve. It;s even worse when it;s from someone charging for their services since an unhappy client could be a suing client.

  24. Call Me Maisie

    Look at the cut-out job around the little girl’s pigtails… WOW. Nothin’s worse than a bad and a LAZY fauxtographer!
    *rolls eyes*

  25. Call Me Maisie

    Oh, and just noticed that 3 out of 4 family members have skulls on their shirts… hmmm, maybe more of them are naughty than we think! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  26. Aside from the obvious atrocities in this photo, I find it kinda funny that the dad/baby daddy actually looks like he’s done this for real.

  27. Artie Fufkin

    this fauxtog is getting lumps of coal in his/her stocking

  28. RealWedTog

    Just another person who saw something “cool” on Pintrest and tried and failed to replicate the original. Expect about three more years of this shit showing up in mailboxes every December.

  29. I have seen this done before, and done WELL, it was amazing. This. Is. Not.

  30. Next. This has been up for nearly a week.

  31. Haha! I was the one that submitted this photo, and wasn’t at all surprised that it was used! I think the idea itself is awful (imo), and the excecution/editing is even worse. I was floored when I saw someone had paid for this! Geesh!

  32. Looks like the fauxtog cut out the images of the family and pasted them onto a poorly-drawn background. How hard would it have been to buy a police line-up backdrop to pose them in front of in the first place?

  33. Pinterest called….They want me to tell you to stop using ideas you see on their website.

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