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  1. To quote the prolific Patrick Star, “Liar liar, plants for hire”.

  2. …even the catchlights are blue.

    • and her pupils, and the outer ring of her retina. Because yes, that’s EXACTLY what happens when you turn a baby into a zombie, their eyes turn into blue marbles. Duh.

  3. Salticus

    It’s one thing to take/edit a poor photo but it’s another all together to flat out lie about your editing.

  4. it amazes me what people think is cool.. seriously, get a clue and a life.. and calibrate your monitor LOL

  5. Because every baby has blacklight blue eyes!

  6. I once took a photo of a very young kitten using onboard flash and the eyes came close to being that blue. Never have I seen it with babies though. IF they looked that blue straight-from-camera, then I bet the rest of the white-balance was just as bad, thus the desaturation of everything else.

    • browneyedgirl89

      Kittens’ eyes do have an odd, deep, glassy blue… but you’re right, human eyes do not! LOL!

  7. A photographer

    A baby cylon.

  8. Didn’t even know that colour existed in the spectrum!

  9. Broken Focus

    “The spice must flow…”

    • hahahahaha I just spat coke all over my laptop. Wonder if the baby’s name is Muad’Dib.

    • I came here to make a joke about the Fremen and am simultaneously sad and impressed you beat me to it.

    • Jennifer

      Best comment win.

    • HA! I was just thinking “anyone else thinking of Dune?” Nah, probably just me. I’m such a dork.

    • Journette

      Hahahahaha gaaah beat me to the Dune reference!

  10. If my kids eyes were that colour I’d take him to the Doctor. Quite worrying.

  11. Did nothing to her eyes, my butt. Nobody’s eyes are nuclear blue like that. And the sad thing is is that all those people think it looks good. I guess these are all former Walmart Studios clients.

    • little ol' me

      random fun fact– walmart actually does not own or is affiliated with the portrait studios in the store. actually thy are owned by a company called CPA which owns and operates all the sears portrait studios. agreed though, CPA portraits are trash whether at walmart OR sears. lol 🙂 what is even more sad is walking past the “studio” and seeing the pamphlets for “go portraits” senior and wedding photography by picture me portraits!!! no thank you!

  12. You know… this is so bad that it makes me want to hunt them down and post a comment that she’s a LIAR!!!!! Lets not even go into how bad the photo is because the blue eyes are just that bad….. Oh my! I hope no one paid for this.

  13. Yeah sure that’s the kid’s natural eye colour….good to see she remembered to put in her coloured contacts. What a total piece of crap lie. Why are people so stupid as to actually believe that?!

  14. Complete and utter lie. Anyway, that glowing blue is actually frightening.

  15. Courtney

    This is one of those times that I really wish the “photographer’s” name wasn’t blurred out so that I could look them up and slap them through my computer.

  16. Aside from all this, I actually met someone with eyes pretty close to this color. I made him pull out his contacts just to prove he wasn’t lying. Ha

  17. Gal with a Camera

    Liar, Liar, Fauxtog’s on fire! 😉

  18. Hmmm since when did metallic blue become a natural eye color?

  19. So yeah, clearly a white balance issue if she didn’t “bump up” the eyes. She simply saw that the whole photo was blue and was like, “OH NOES!! TEH FOTO IS BLU!!!!” and made the rest B&W and kept the eyes the same. Or she is lying. Either one makes sense.

    • LOL.
      Classic…”Dang, mah picz iz all blu/oranggge, ima just turn it bw and call it art”.
      I see this far to often in my news feed, it drives me nuts.

  20. Pshhh, you guys have no idea what you’re talking about. This is OBVIOUSLY a baby white-walker.

  21. While there are very few people that can come pretty close to that eye color (my cousin’s daughter’s eyes are almost that shade), this is so obviously an edit. If it were the natural eye color, the light reflection in the eyes would be white, not blue.

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