Mommy to be?


Besides the bracelet which tells us, “mommy to be,” I don’t get pregnancy from this. You can barely tell it’s a belly.

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  1. Faith S.

    Gah…that’s horrid! Can’t even tell its a pregnant tummy! Picnik quality shines right through!

  2. A shaved Tribble, Master says!

  3. Not to mention, the rounded edges are supposed to be subtle… not making the photo an actual oval.

  4. I agree it doesn’t look like a baby bump.. but what gets me is the fence and the house in the background.. I’m sure in a few months we will get a nice Zombie baby picture when it’s born. 😉

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that was a chain link fence in the background!

  5. sharon g

    It looks like an undercooked loaf of bread.

  6. In before “it’s not that bad”.

    It is that bad.

  7. I’m a fan of the chain link fence in the back.

  8. BurninBiomass

    Perhaps we would get pregnancy out of this more if the mothers “outie” bellybutton was sticking out above the bracelet. Maybe that can put that in later. 🙂

  9. This is probably a pic a mom took for her own personal facebook or for a pregnancy announcement-you all think too highly of your own opinion. It’s not wrong to make bad photography if that’s all the tools you have. I only get annoyed and make fun of people who try to make money from it because I think that it’s theft and most of them don’t have a photography license etc. I just wish people on this site wouldn’t be so mean because it’s obvious this person is not a professional and probably don’t even think they are and they probably took it themselves and someone else probably uploaded it to this site to make fun of them like a bunch of douche bags…just sayin.

    • Do you see the little gray rectangle covering what appears to be gray squiggles in the lower right portion of the photo? On this site, that box serves to cover up the photographer’s business logo. And who has a business logo, you ask? Someone who is, in your own words, “trying to make money from it”; aka: someone calling themselves a professional.

      And before you say “nobody would post a picture this bad unless it’s something they took for their own personal use” — yes, there are in fact people who post (in their commercial portfolio) pictures this horrible and attempt to pass themselves off as professionals.

      • Doesn’t necessarily have to be a business logo, though. I see all kinds of people putting a watermark on their pics who want to make sure all the world knows that they are the producer of that image.

      • actually this IS taken from someone’s site. They are advertising on FB and Pinterest.

    • Get over yourself. The creators of this site troll the Internet looking for bad professional photographers. If you don’t appreciate the purpose the site, please just go away.

      • Appreciate this site? BAHAHA! The people who ‘appreciate this site’ are a bunch of photographer failures! So insecure about there own work, they criticize these shots for their own self gratification. “OMG look at their bad composition and lighting BLAH BLAH BLAH” Lol shut your opinionated dirty grubber mouths and go make some money fools.

      • Derpface

        I’m on coffee break during making money. As for you, why the hell are YOU here? At least I enjoy it !

      • LOL. Hi Derpface, great to know you still have a day job! What do you do? I’m guessing I.T?? Am I close??? … BTW Let me know if you ever want to sell your awesome camera lenses to pay for your failed photography venture. 😉

      • THEIR.

      • lol whats your problom mary? my grammer is gr8.

      • Liz, a photography license wth, where do you get one of those? lol

    • Incredulous

      Do you mean a BUSINESS license? There are no photography licenses. Which, by the way, also doesn’t make you a skilled professional photographer. Anyone can pay money to the government in their area and get a business license.

    • Photography license?

  10. Virginia

    Pork bellies??? I can’t tell what it is…except mottled skin!

  11. LOL, I thought it was someone’s thigh…and even assuming it looked like what it was, what would be the point of the bracelet? Do we take pictures of someone’s hand with the person wearing a bracelet that reads “wrist”? If the picture is of something identifiable, it doesn’t need to be labeled. This isn’t OSHA.

    On the upside, no horrible ultrasound shopped on like some sort of alien baby. So…there’s that.

    • Ann,
      It’s time to cook dinner for me and the kids.
      You can play clever internet photographer tomorrow after you drop the kids off to soccer practice.

      Much obliged,
      Your husband. x

    • Give it a few weeks and we’ll see it, no doubt, and it will have selective color and a bad vignette around it. I love this site.

  12. Garbage.

  13. Without the “mommy to be” band, nobody would know what this photo is. This fauxtog must keep practicing….

  14. 1. Just because it has a watermark – doesn’t mean it’s a portfolio shot or a pro. I am not commenting on the quality or lack there of in this image – just commenting that a watermark can be added by anyone in almost any editing tool.

    2. License for Photography?? Maybe required in some states, actually even in those, I think it’s a “business” license, not specific to photography. In most states all you need to do is file a notice with the state attorney general and pay a nominal fee and you’re good to go.

    As for the photo – I’d like to see a less cluttered background – and more identifying it as a maternity shot. The wristband(?) just doesn’t do it for me.

    On the positive side – focus seems to be good and they didn’t spot color the wristband.

  15. Is it intentional that a Totsy maternity wear ad inserts itself in this thread? Google is scary. I tried to insert a screen shot in this post to show but couldn’t. Anyone else see the maternity wear ad?

    • no – i get a “blurb ad” and an ad for a photographer from who knows where…

  16. Anonymous

    Oh, I get it! The stomach / pink bracelet are shot in a way to resemble a breast / nipple.

    Sly, you professional photographer, you!

  17. Great bokeh though! 😉

  18. Cranky Catholic

    Mommy to be?

    When you’re pregnant, you’re already a mommy.

  19. @ Anonymous – you may be on to something… it actually looks more like a veined pregnant boob than a pregnant tummy!!! I think it is very tacky whatever it is…

  20. “That’s not a moon, it’s a space station.”

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