Mini Bride and Groom

It’s unfortunate because shortly after this photo was taken, mini bride and groom drowned in a bottle of champagne. Their full-sized counterparts were saddened by the loss, but drank it anyway.

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  1. TollToll

    Oh dear…

  2. DavidVRJ

    The fingernail under the groom sure scares me.

  3. DavidVRJ

    The fingernail under the groom sure scares me.

  4. This could have been neat…had the photoshopping been done better…and the mini bride and groom left in colour.

    • i was thinking the same thing! the black and white kills it

      • Annoyed

        It looks like it’s probably one of their parents’ wedding pictures from which the minis were taken. The original picture was probably B/W.

      • Can’t be parents, the clothes are too modern.

  5. Not to criticize the subject when there’s so much wrong with the photo, but had I been taking that photo and noticed that somewhat unhealthy looking thumbnail, I probably would’ve come up with an alternate pose for the bride’s hand.

  6. Nice Nails :@

  7. Another poorly executed Pinterest shot.

  8. I’m not a fan of closeups of man-hands unless they get manicures. Seeing red cuticles and dead skin close up is not eye-pleasing. I am, however a makeup artist with an eye for detail (and wannabe photog who fears her photos would wind up here, haha).

  9. Fauxtography aside, those rings and her acrylic nails are AWESOME

  10. reallythough

    no no no, colour or not, this will NEVER be cool. Ever.

  11. Art, it’s not. Reminds me of those cheesy Russian wedding pix. But I bet the bride and groom think it’s cute. I would have made them in color, though – the B/W seems to have no purpose.

    • I was just going to ask if this is a Russian wedding photo. Because that would explain everything.

  12. This is kinda creepy.

    • Jilly Jay

      I have to agree with this being just plain creepy. I would have been very upset if my photographer had handed me this. Wonder if the fauxtog ran this idea past the bride & groom. I would have passed.

  13. No, no, no. Don’t like the B&W, and don’t like the shadows on the Wedding gown.

  14. Seasaltchips

    Hahahaha hehehehehe!!!!!!

  15. Seasaltchips

    I think the funniest piece is that the grooms nails aren’t GROOMED!!!

  16. It took me forever to realize the mini bride and groom weren’t cake toppers or figurines actually in the photo. Those are photos of REAL PEOPLE? They look dead!

  17. There’s nothing technically “wrong” with her nail, it’s just an ugly manicure. Speaking of manicures, the husband could definately use one!

  18. It also appears that both of the the rings have Nike Swooshes on them…

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