A Mess

Where to start, where to start? Maybe the possessed demon eyes? Or the weird color? Maybe the strange frame effect? Maybe the wrinkled back drop? It’s a wreck. 

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  1. Anonymous

    He has weird, scared expression, too.

  2. janamidala

    Wow, they almost cropped the baby out with that frame effect!

  3. I disagree. It’s a really good picture, of how not to ever take a picture

  4. the framing is the “Vag effect”, like this is where little demon spawn came from – Rosemary’s vag.

  5. LOL….Omg it actually freaked me out when I seen it..

  6. The kid looks terrified. I am hearing that strike of violins from “Psycho” in my mind as I look at this. Without the blue eyes the rest of the photo (if cropped) could be OK.

  7. Do moms no longer like the natural color of their children’s eyes? I don’t think so. If they did this to my son’s portrait, I’d be ticked.

  8. Take crappy picture. Over-process on picnik.com. Insert dollar bill template on top… Profit!

  9. I just wanna cry. IS there such a thing as photographer rage? Because right now I want to head butt anyone who thinks this is quality, acceptable photography. GRRRR!!!!

  10. I agree- start with the expression- everything else is irrelevant since that kills the photo no matter how technically perfect it gets.

  11. It’s great!

    … if my five year old took it!

  12. A blind man/woman created this shot. Had to have been, because anyone with eyes can see this is just… as you put it… a mess!

  13. that is not rage, or the devil. If you have kids, you know he just thought he had farted and realized that he has a diaper full. The background was smooth until those gases excaped and peeled the paint. At least if I took the photo that would be my story and I would stick with it.

  14. Maybe that is how the kid smiles – Not every kid is perfect – so I don’t hold the expression against the photographer – and the kid is actually looking kind of at the camera.

    What I don’t / won’t forgive is the “I’ve got photoshop and these cool plugins that let me emphasize the eyes, create a vignette, and do b/w.

    This is not a good use of spot color or vignettes.

  15. “Aww, who controls The Spice? Him does, yes him does.”

  16. Scary in more ways than one,the child looks petrified and the use of the dreaded vignette,thats before i mention the ott coloured eyes,why ,why and why again.

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