Magic Orb?

It appears this baby holds some sort of magical orb that causes the world around her to be horribly edited!

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  1. Hahaha! Max Headroom baby!

  2. Its an explosion of bad Piknik effects! “Ohhh, I can use THIS one and that one and hey look, another one! Go me!”


  3. Im pretty sure this is a picnic gem.

  4. Holy WOW! I wanna learn how ta do stuff like that! Ummm… NOT!

  5. What YOU see is a horribly edited world, but what SHE sees is amazeballs! It’s different when you’re the one holding the magic orb of magicness.

  6. NicCole

    I can’t stop giggling!!!

  7. She has found all seven Dragonballs.

  8. This reminds me of Dragon Ball Z…lol.

  9. NicCole

    I’m still giggling. I kind of want to buy this photo for those bad days when you need to laugh. She just looks so intense.

  10. flecksable_flyer

    Poor child has no legs : – (

  11. meeshybee

    It’s the lost Eye of Sauron! Gandalf did say they weren’t all accounted for, you know.

    …One ginormous bow to rule them all…

  12. Omg, I feel dizzy & feel like vomiting.

  13. Im thinking this is more arty graphic design than a portrait, hence a big fail as far as photography goes….

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