Love Mail

People like us, they really do.

“I for one applaud you for your efforts. People don’t have to visit your site. And in my humble opinion, you have every right to expose them for what they are. If the BBB graded their business, would anyone have a problem with it??? I am a military photographer, and I must say, that unfortunately we house a lot of these fauxtographers. I do my best to teach those under my charge the true art of photography and make sure I send out a better product than what I recieved. That being said, some people are beyond help. I look at your website daily (sometimes three times a day) waiting for more updates. I show it to my staff, and as we laugh, I also use it as learning tools on what not to do. So, if anything else, thanks for your dedication to the true art in photography.

Semper Fidelis,

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  1. George,
    I know what you are saying about housing fauxtographers.
    Many feel that there is no need to learn or improve after DINFOS. (This doesn’t apply to everyone.)
    I applaud you for using this as a humorous way to get your team to improve.


  2. Anonymous

    I just got out of the Navy after almost 7 years as a photojournalist and got out because I was tired of deploying (I did 5 in 6 years). I just wanted to add to what you said. This site started right as I was getting out, but I used it to teach my guys sooo much!! Some of my buddies are now teaching at DINFOS and are using this site daily in their classes. Thank you for keeping the art in military photography, too many guys loose the art and get bogged down with the military side of it. Keep things fun for them, and push them until they truly understand ‘grip and grins’ aren’t all we do.
    Thanks for keeping the art alive!

  3. My husband Is active duty military ( marine corps) and jeez being a “photographer” is just as common as selling sencey to wives, it’s embarrassing to see these awful picture and these ladies think they are good….. YIKES

  4. DINFOS!!!

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