Love Feet

before and after

All that set up and it still ended up looking horrible. Well done!

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  1. Not the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and not the worst. Would have helped to have left the rings off though, along with the dust and crap. Anyway, didn’t need rings…I get it….mom and dad made a baby. Yeah, I didn’t think the stork brought it.

  2. Cute idea, and probably a photo a lot of photogs could sell. Just poor execution.

    And I’ve seen tons of rings on babies feet, so that isn’t exactly new.

  3. Both the love idea with the feet and rings on feet have been over done to death. My own personal opinion is the rings on the feet look dumb in general.

    • Well there is not exactly a lot of original ideas for baby pictures these days. Pretty much everything has been done. So I would not judge the photograph on that.

      The photographer needed to remove the dust but that’s a common problem with shooting with a black background.

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