I’m trying to come up with a reason for this back drop. Was it garage sale day at the┬átrailer┬ápark?

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  1. Maybe he has a Twisted Sister.

  2. i am sooo glad none of my photos have ended up here (yet), but i SWEAR i would learn from it if they did!! that said – i already have enough sense to know that image doesn’t even meet the criteria for being GHETTO FABULOUS!! i think my husbands tube socks could have a better thought process when it comes to that particular photo….. **facepalm**

    • Triguy30

      If you really want to get photo critiques that are at least honest, try fotoblur.com. You can also study other peoples photography there and learn from real artists of the craft.

  3. It sure is colorful.

  4. He needs a can of natty-lite.

  5. Okee Dokee…

  6. It’s not just the backdrop–there is nothing right or correct about this photo!

  7. Oh dear God.

  8. ha ha ha ha ha this HAS to be a gag photo, theres no logical reason for it, the only explanation for this ever existing is that its a joke!

  9. I thought the point of this website was to post fauxtog’s photos? Not just random photos of friends taken by regular people. The giveaway that this is not a fauxtographers doing, there’s no big ugly watermark of some rediculous business name, or any editing.. at all. I wish I had such a sweet slip cover for my couch.

    • Agreed. It’s very possible that there’s a story behind it. Or people who know this guy, know that *this* photo captures the real *him.* It’s *his* place, that ugly comfy chair defines him. It’s part of his character.

      I’m fine with this as a snapshot. If it were a professional portrait, I’d have issues with lighting more than anything else.

    • Agreed. In my opinion the couch cover is hideous, but it looks like your typical family snapshot to me.

    • kdm020589

      I actually submitted this picture. It was from a “facebook” fanpage of a friend of mine. This was the photographer “styling” a shoot. I am dead serious!

  10. Anonymous

    Its just a crime scene picture taken by the forensic squad, not the work of a psychographer.

  11. Not a shot I’d use in my portfolio, but to each his own – lighting is not great, but for a snapshot it works. If it were a portrait, I’d expect some of the background to be blurred – looks like it was shot with a P/S, not a DSLR – unless they were at f22.

    I don’t care about the couch (which is impersonating a pair of zumbaz)

    Let’s start focusing on the photo’s issues, not the subject or the location

    • So ignore the subject and ignore the background/location. We’ll pretend that those are completely missing from the picture entirely. What’s left? Nothing in the foreground and nothing in the background, so what’s left?

      And you can’t just critique the lighting without acknowledging how it’s hitting either the subject or the background.

  12. courtney

    The funny part is, it’s not even a couch cover. Those are bed sheets. How do I know? I’m 15 & am laying on the EXACT same ones..

  13. Wsroadrunner

    BillyJoeJimBob had no idea how bad he’d screwed himself by calling his second cousins borthers sister a fauxtog….

  14. How clueless can they get

    What backdrop? It’s just a hick in his back yard. They probably cropped the keg and the steel bathtub full of hairy buffalo out of the original.

  15. You know, the sofa isn’t even what bothers me here. It’s the table with the plant. Every time I look at this, I think it’s an inset photo because the tabletop looks like an “edge” to me. Then I wonder why they’d put an inset photo of pink flowers into a photo of a slob on a hideous sofa. And then my brain breaks.

  16. MarySmith

    whats wrong wit a lil splash o’ color? ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL And people actually get paid for this garbage…

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