Lost in the Woods, Part II

Are you sensing a theme? It’s like the opposite of the last picture we posted. 

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    Makes me want ot go gouge out my eyes.

    Anyone got some excederin?

  2. It would probably look like a cat’s eye from a distance.

  3. skynigurl

    I noticed with Autumn being here and the changing of the leaves that only nature should spot color, fauxtogs should not!

  4. mercurialohearn

    first-person view of a chupacabra zooming in for the kill.

  5. That is just, just, just, plain old awful… Why would anyone think that is even remotely a good look? Why?

  6. It hurts my eyes!

  7. Trippy… I like it. Not for a portrait… but I do like it.

  8. That gives me an instant headache. I can’t even look at it.

  9. Googling motion sickness remedies took toooo long…. I mean how did they do that? …now I gotta go wash off my shoes.

  10. It’s like I’m traveling through a wormhole!!! Awesome!!!

  11. Ouch, my head….

  12. Wow! I’m speechless…for all the wrong reasons!

  13. Photos should not cause physical pain to look at.

  14. Elizabeth

    Yikes!! Makes me dizzy looking at it.

  15. Okay, so yeah the pic gives me motion sickness. But does anyone know what filter was applied here? Sometimes when I do gallery wraps and either shoot too tightly or want to maintain the entire image, but still do a true wrap, I have to “create” or stretch my image to fill to the guide lines. I’m looking for some new techinques….

    • i have a freind who uses this on nearly all of her photos. its on picnik. not sure what its called, but i know thats where she uses it from

    • Veronica

      It’s called zooming. It’s easier to get the effect in your photo editor than it is to actually do it in camera. In camera, you have to have a bit of a longer shutter speed and while the image is being captured, either zoom in or zoom out (both give different effects) and make sure to keep the camera very still otherwise it all ends up with motion blur!

      • Thank you, ccp and veronica. I’m on ps cs5…I’ve been using ps for 7 years and still have lots to learn! Veronica – absolutely, in camera zooming and/or panning looks better in camera, but takes more skill. I don’t actually want this effect it for my image – just the edges that would wrap around a frame and only be seen from the side. 🙂

  16. This looks a lot like the view I get when I open a portal in space and time.

  17. WOW everyone missed the obvious… She is making the jump to light speed….

  18. DIsgusted Photo Studio Owner

    Whatever the customer paid the fauxtographer for this image was WAY TOO MUCH!!

  19. Susan Hoffman

    That effect might have application to, say, an ad for electronics or some tech thing maybe, but it bears no relation to the subject of THIS photo. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  20. AdriftZealot


  21. Veronica

    I like the effect, but the posing of the person is awful! The effect is called zooming.

  22. Jennifer

    This image literally makes me motion sick.

  23. Watch out!! A Predator is after you!!! RUUNNNN!!!

  24. This is a great picture to hurt someone with- that’s about the nicest thing I can say.

  25. Stargate SG-1

  26. Also known in horror movies as the “serial killer just found you” shot.

  27. if the theme is that I have a seizure after viewing the image, then yes

  28. This image needs to be removed immediately due to it being intellectual property.

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