Look At My Buddy

super bad photoshop

She’s totally hover-handing that ghost girl.

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  1. cameraclicker

    Ghost girl has two fingers at her waist, just above her belt’s bow. Wonder who owns those.
    Awesome masking job, too!

    • Until you pointed out the errant fingers, I was wondering what was so wrong with this photo to warrant it’s posting here. It’s just two friends posing for a shot together. Oh, I kid, I kid.
      This sort of reminds me of very old stop action movies where the people were real of course and the dinosaurs were projected on a screen behind them. I don’t know what it was, but somehow your eye could see that something wasn’t quite right. Sort of like fuzzy girl here. Someone must have really begged to get these two pasted together. But what possesses someone to actually put the result out there for the world to see?

      • Well, I suppose he had two photos, and in one the left girl looked good, and in the other the right girl looked good, so he decided to do them both a favour and mash the photos up so they’d both look good. But unfortunately he failed… Isn’t it the thought that counts though? 😉

  2. Back years and years ago when I first got a copy of Photoshop, I got this crazy idea to get all my friends (living in eleven different countries) to send me photos of them so I could cut and paste the whole group together into one image. I had been using PS for maybe three months and didn’t have a real clue then. I had light sources coming from all apparent directions, a few issues with scaling, and I even put two different photos of the same girl in the final image,…but dammit the results STILL looked better than that.

  3. I don’t really think it looks that bad……hold on a sec………OK, now that I put my glasses on, it really is that bad. I’m not even going to try and point out the details of why this sucks. A simple glance is enough to let you know that it hurts to look at. A detailed analysis is not required on this one.

  4. Single White Female – The Sequel

  5. Wouldn’t it suck to know the superimposed girl was, in fact, dead?

    • Very well could be, but doesn’t change the quality of the image. In fact, I’d think even worse of it since it was of higher importance to get it right.

  6. -browsing along the internet- Lalala… -comes along onto this photo- Oh… er..ummm… -keeps browsing-

  7. OK, the hoverhanding is one thing. The extra fingers at the waist is forgivable ( not). What gets me is the arm going clean through the right shoulder of the girl on the right. It had to be a transporter accident, because there isn’t any blood.

  8. Is that octomom.. or?

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