Little Shoe Eater

Future ballerina girl and eater of shoes? At least get a shot of the poor girl with her eyes open next time!

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  1. First off…couldn’t the photog have found some clean ballet shoes for this shot? BLECH!! And second…WHY must these people insist on shoving every freaking graphic they can into a picture? Apparently there is a “make picture suck” button in Lightroom and Photoshop that the rest of us just don’t see.

  2. Holy horrible cutout, Batman. That at least starts the list of things wrong here

  3. Yum! Delicious and wholesome!

  4. I think she is singing and hoping for a spot on Idol!

  5. holy shit…in what realm of reality is this to be classed as a usable shot?? look at the expression of the kids face for gods sake, looks like she’s been doped up on Calpol

  6. jessica

    my question is: why is the photographed cropped like that? the head is cut off and the feet is cut off. if she is a “future ballerina,” doesn’t she need her feet?

  7. maybe they broke all the laws of taking a photo a used flash, and that’s why her eyes aren’t open. all the more reason for this photo to be up here.

  8. And don’t chop off the top of her head.
    And Don’t label the kid. If her family put this up on the wall of her home she will feel she’s a failure if she does’t become a ballerina… or she’ll rebel and become an engineer.

    • Maybe that’s a good… using her brain and not developing anorexia!

  9. I’m going to be really picky and point out that the word ‘ballerina’ signifies female dancer. So ‘ballerina girl’ is shyte also, and just underlines how crap this whole package is – assuming it’s been done by someone passing themselves off as a professional photographer. All my cut outs look like this, which is why I don’t do it any more. 🙂

    • I thought the same thing.

      • Jillian

        Same here. Ballerina girl is like saying man boy. A ballerina IS a girl. Girl is already implied. No need to be overly descriptive.

  10. ew and the inside of the shoe looks really gross!

    • Marino

      In the name of fairness, that’s the sole of the dancing shoe…

  11. Nice cutout job.

  12. Charlie

    They do say, “You ate what you eat!”

  13. Thanks to this photo, one more little girl will grow up to become a hockey player.

  14. There’s so much to say I don’t know where to start….. So I won’t…. I’m just going to sit here and stare in horror!

  15. It could have been so cute! Personally, I love shots of well-worn ballet shoes. But there are so many ways this picture was ruined, I wouldn’t know where to start.

    • Pretty much everything past “cute baby” is a failure. Just sit the baby in front of a neutral background and take a picture of her. BAM! Perfect cute baby portrait. Giving her shoes to eat and trying to do crazy backgrounds is borderline child abuse.

    • Annoyed

      I agree…that’s part of the charm of the shoes. I’d say they probably belong to her Mom or her big sister or aunt or something. But, GAWD, why in the hell did they A)pick that outfit (not that there is anything wrong with the outfit itself, but it doesn’t fit the mood of the shoes)B) pick that background and C) use all of those craptastical graphics? Ugh. Terrible.

  16. Ah yes. The good old cut out of a magazine stuck in a scrap book look.

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