Little Girrrrrrl

Aw, isn’t she a cute little demon?

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  1. Little Miss Sunshine copy fail

  2. Magic Mick

    I respect the clever use of dry ice and “smoke”.

  3. A parent might love this, but I wouldn’t have put it in my portfolio if I were the photographer.

  4. justin

    I’m going to have nightmares….someone PAID to have this done to their child?

  5. Michael

    Glamour for 6 year olds. Is that to go with the kiddie stripper pole, thong, and push-up bra?

    • Canaduck

      Girls are being sexualized earlier and earlier and earlier. 🙁

  6. Heather

    this looks more like child porn… horrible!

  7. NicCole

    *laughs* I think it’s cute. It’s not Professional, by any means, and I’m guessing it’s B&W because it turned out badly lit… but it’s still really cute. Mostly with the demon comment.

  8. I think I’m gonna print this out and show it to people in prison and see what they say.

  9. Rule #1
    Big watermark on photo = bad photographer.

    • Um no, sometime they just do not want their pictures stolen.

      Horrible concept for a little girl to pose like in a picture. Even if they just asked her to “be like a lion” who would want that hanging up on their wall? This definitely borders on trashy.

  10. The child’s hair looks greasy and uncombed….her expression is awful….very poorly lit. Yikes. This is definitely “cute” for a mom with a point and shoot….no way for a professional.

    • Little girls of mothers with P&S cameras also deserve not to be exploited or objectified. . It’s not cute on any level.

  11. boriscleto

    I’m sure she has a long future as a stripper to look forward to.

    • Pelham

      Oh come on. Leave the models alone, peeps, esp when they’re clearly young and just clearly following direction. They have no idea how shitty the direction is! And shame on Mommy/Daddy for not bothering to wash her hair and make her look halfway decent.

  12. robert

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    In this case, so is the “erotic” content of this image. If you can’t look at a glam-photo of a young child without making a connection, then you should ask if the problem is with the photographer or with yourself.

    • Pelham

      Glamour is all about sexualizing the subject. Ever seen Toddlers and Tiaras? Kids this girl’s age and younger with spray tans, makeup and wardrobes that definitely emphasize their sexuality. There is nothing sweet or innocent there in the pageant arena, it’s all about making little kids look and act like 18-year-olds. I find it frightening. Bet it’s the #1 viewing choice for pedos all over North America.

      • Agreed! Making a small child look sophisticated is one thing. This is crossing the border into trashy…..AND exploitation. Bad photography aside, this is a horrible concept for a little girl.

  13. so many creeps on the internet. the photographer and parents should know better.

  14. I don’t know, maybe they told her to act like a lion or cat, hahah.

  15. Jilly Jay

    My 7 year old nephew just walked into the room and told me to please shut that picture off because it was “creeping” him out!

  16. SiBrie

    Her hair isn’t greasy; it’s wet. She isn’t dirty, she’s just had a bath or shower. And her “objectifying mother” obviously didn’t think it necessary for her young daughter to blow dry her hair and use a ton of hairspray to “perfect her look” for some cute, memory photos. Fault the photographer for using them as an example, not the mother/daughter.

  17. Snappy

    AH, watch out! Her butt’s catching on fire! Oh wait, that’s just the the chicken mcnuggets she had earlier…

  18. Ludwig

    I find it strange that all of you connect this with sexual exploitation and objectification. I just see a normal young girl acting as a normal young girl does. Maybe pretending to be a lion or cat. Her clothes aren’t inappropriate, really nothing about the photo is. I just find it strange that you look at this photo of a little girl and think, “oh they are totally objectifying her” when it isn’t suggestive in the least. It sounds like something a pedophile would say to seem normal…

    • Alicia

      I agree with you entirely. How in the world is this little girl in a sexy pose that is in anyway provocative? Honestly, I dont think this should have made it to the site, out of everything this picture isn’t that bad to be worthy of being on this site.

    • Pelham

      You’re right, to an extent. The pose/bow in hair/face are collectively kinda cute, even if the kid’s hair is a trainwreck, be it freshly washed or greasy. But she’s wearing a frickin 2-piece bathing suit. What, Mommy couldn’t find something a little more appropriate to put her kid in? Maybe a dress to enhance the cutey-poo aspect?

      And as for your last sentence…give me a break. By using turnaround strategy – insinuating that everyone else here who sees the hinting at sexuality and objectification, are pedos – is very commonly used by perps.

  19. Snappy

    I don’t find anything too provocative with this… just a terrible expression/pose, flat lighting and a crap background.

  20. AdelePardy

    LOL- I’d just like to say how proud i am that one of my photos got chosen and surly they could have found even worse ones from when i started out.
    However, as the photographer and mother of this child I would like to inform you all that she is wearing a black dress and she had just gotten out of the bath and we wanted to play with our new smoke machine. The photo was taken as a bit of a laugh and it was uploaded for Halloween.
    Anyone who see’s this photo of my daughter pretending to be scary as sexual, is twisted in the head.
    That is all 🙂

  21. AdelePardy

    Now i think about it, whoever did upload this photo had stolen it from my facebook and does not have permission to do so.
    But i still don’t mind that it’s up. It’s funny.

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