Lions, Tigers and Babies

Lions and tigers and babies clashing in pink, oh my!

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  1. Dumb question…Why wouldn’t they just roll the baby over and then snap the photo?

    • Ugly baby? lol

      • HAHAHA!!!! I was thinking the same thing!! I can understand a photo of the hand or foot, but REALLY the back of their head!?

    • They probably wanted a nice shot of the ruffles on the butt! lol

      • wait.. there’s a baby in there? I couldn’t tell… the camouflage worked so well

  2. Nikki Hickey

    Just poorly put together and it makes my eyes hurt just looking at it

  3. OK, now there’s a really stupid picture! I’ve always said all u guys pick on is bad editing, but REALLY!! WTH! WHY would I want to PAY for a picture that looks like this?! And I refuse to call it a photo, b/c it’s anything but! Did U really get this off a person’s photo page!? WOW!

  4. Ladies! In the 50’s, especially, it used to be a baby photo standard to be photographed in 3/4 profile lying on your stomach while nude and looking at the camera. What? You were never photographed that way? Well, it isn’t too late. Just contact me and we can remedy that. What? The picture above? Oh. Well, it’s horrid; doesn’t make a lick of sense. I’ll have to assume that baby is egregiously ugly or they would show her(?) face.

  5. She is face down so you can see her bloomers and bow match the ugly rug!

    • Well, if you’re hellbent on showing all the ugly matchy-matchy crap, there are way better poses than THIS for it… GAH!

  6. Come on it’s not the worst i’ve seen lol They probably wanted to show the cute ruffles on the bloomers.

  7. These folks are called fauxtographers for a reason!

  8. My favorite part is how her feet disappear.

  9. nothing like not being able to see the baby’s face!

  10. Honestly, I had to look for a bit to see that there was a baby.

  11. Infant photography: What not to do. In fact, never mind infant photography. Just photography. How could they have looked at this and not seen the clash? And why does the kid’s head look mauve under the hair?

  12. I am however impressed that it’s in focus which is rare in most of the cases I’ve seen on these FB ‘fauxtography’ pages 🙂

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