Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

Poor baby.

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  1. holy cow

  2. That’s just scary, the problem with these fauxtogs they don’t know what the pro’s do to keep newborns and babies safe, they just try to replicate the look without doing proper research.
    And well as always the photo sucks !

  3. Once again…. I know of someone who hung a baby in a stocking for a photo. Being concerned I asked how the situation was approached. The Mom, obviously offended, said “Everything was done safely; the strength of both the stocking and the wall hanging was tested first and there was a parent beneath him and one beside him as well. We aren’t stupid.” *sigh*

    • And this blog would have a blast with all the photos on the page…..

    • Melissa, I think I commented on that same photo. The mom and the photographer both got offended and they ended up taking that photo off facebook because so many people were commenting on how unsafe it was. If it wasn’t the same photo then it’s scary to know that more than one photographer was doing that unsafe shot.

      • Carline

        I know exactly what photog you are talking about too! She hung a baby from a stocking on a mantle back in december. The baby was freaking PURPLE! I sent it here to be displayed, but they haven’t posted it. That photog was a nutcase.

      • Oh no Hollie, it seriously was someone else! 🙁

    • great another mwc who got the paint the moon action set and applies it to every bleeping photo she takes. I’m so sick of that… (nothing against Paint the moon making money off of these people).

      I remember a photographer (MWC) near me who had all kinds of shots like those on her site – then she put up an event gallery and the shots on it looked like snapshots – She got hammered and ended up taking the “event” photos off of her site.

      • And you are implying me…. Well the actions are an improvement from taking every single photo I had & manually editing everything in gimp. Yes I am a mom with a camera & I love taking photos. The day my photos end up on this site, then I will feel that I don’t have what it takes.

  4. “I have a shitload of that I didn’t think it would hold” – aren’t you glad there are others who are willing to gamble it. Who knows what will hold the weight of a baby until you try?

  5. This is scary. Whatever happened to the nice pic of the baby on top of a blanket in a wicker laundry basket? What’s with all the pseudo-Anne Geddes stuff? Ugh. So much more safe ways to photograph baby without putting them at risk. As a dad and photographer, this creeps me out.

    • See one of the newer posts – the baby ended up up-side down in the basking looking like someone was failing to smuggle its tiny dead body…

  6. OMFW!

  7. The quality of the image is so blown out, I’ve been trying to look as close as I can to the material on the underside of the baby. It kind of looks like the baby was laying on it’s side and that it was shot from overhead. But like I said, it’s so blown out I can’t tell for sure.

    • Yes. Looking at the fabric gathered on top, there’s no weight on it. I think the baby is on its side too. But that doesnt make up for the poor contrast and blown out highlights and blotchy skin.

  8. If You dont know what Youre doing, dont do it. Tsk tsk.

  9. First of all….”shitload”?? Wow that is professional.

    Second…”didn’t think it would hold”???? How could they NOT think this through? MORONS!

  10. I don’t know. The baby could be three inches from a safe, soft surface, and probably is. Seems legit.

  11. Timothy

    “I didn’t think it would hold”. I have done this shot, the baby does not really hang in there! Stupid people!

  12. Colleen

    Oh my! Also, is there someone standing behind the baby? Lol it looks really creepy either way! *shakes hrad*

  13. Colleen

    Lol and the baby looks like he is crying/terrified lol for obvious reasons, ofcourse.

  14. Bad photos are one thing, but risking the safety of a sitter is a whole new low. Bragging about it just adds to this sad situation.

  15. This is really my biggest problem with these fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants douches. They see a shot of a baby with its arms holding up its head and think that a baby is actually capable of doing such a thing. Or that you can just randomly string up a baby in a stocking, or a hammock, and it’s fine. They rely solely on Picnik or equally pathetic editing programs, so they have no idea how to shop a photo together that looks like one thing, but in reality is a very well-staged and completely safe procedure. If you have no idea what you’re doing, STOP DOING IT.

  16. The old “baby in the garbage bag” pic, it’s been done to death!

  17. It scares me that people are putting babies in things that they think WILL hold. They don’t realize the material does not need to hold the baby…people do! Then they are photoshopped out.

    • I’m with you Stephanie – anyone who thinks that baby is actually hanging there in that material – well – I have this bridge to sell them and it’s in Brooklyn and that’s like in New York City…

      People need to look at how they do these photos – before commenting, criticizing, or ATTEMPTING. 99% of them are done with multiple exposures – 1 without the baby in the whatever and then one with an ADULT holding the baby in the desired position.


  18. This is why I don’t suspend my newborns… if I don’t know how to do it…it isn’t happening! I would never put any client in danger….ridiculous!

  19. The thing is, whether it’s safe or not or whatever, it’s still a bad picture, and the baby looks like she’s crying. So it’s a fail no matter what.

  20. Wsroadrunner

    Hopefully DFS sees this and takes the baby away before the coroner has to. Seriously, what kind of parent would WANT this crap???

  21. Kristin

    I’m in no way a photographer but even I know that you don’t actually hang the baby in there. It’s all photoshopped to give it that illusion. Think people!!

  22. Looks like a spider web or cocoon from scifi…in a few years they’ll be embarassed this is what they have for portraits…keep it real!

  23. …and this shot, ladies and gents, is one of the many reasons why I flat-out refuse to do maternity, newborns and infants. There are far too many stupid parents out there who see crap like this and want it replicated…oh, and for $50 a sitting…yeah, right.

  24. I saw this on a Law and Order: SVU episode. The negative space are the murky depths of the Hudson.

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