Larger Than Life


Just what every woman wants. If she’s pregnant–I’m assuming that’s what the heart hands mean–she already feels like she’s swallowed Shamu, no reason to do this to her.

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  1. Looks like a little “landscaping” is in order…..

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen middle schoolers playing with photoshop make something that looks worse than this.

  3. That one really isn’t as bad as some of the others you’ve shown… I thought it was fairly artistic and draws a visual analogy between the couple and with the natural world, e.g. the beach, the clouds, and the sky.

    • Anonymous

      What?? Hmmm. I’m hoping this is sarcasm :/

      • No, sarcasm would be saying how impressive it is when someone named “Anonymous” criticizes your opinions. And you all can say what you like, but this is not the worst of the YANAP photos I’ve seen… At least this person tried to create something.

      • You’re right; it’s not the worst. But it’s one of the worst I’ve seen in a long, long time. The person tried, but I personally think he/she failed miserably. If it was a photo of me, I would want that photo deleted forever.

    • You can try all day long to create something, but if I were a paying customer, I would NEVER pay for this photo.

  4. I hate baby bump photos, but usually the fauxtog waits until there’s an actual baby bump to make horrible photos like this.

  5. Anonymous

    i think it maybe depicts baby being in heaven :'(

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree. Maybe this was in memorium of baby this woman lost due to miscarraige, hence the flat belly?

      • I can assure you, any woman that has had a miscarriage would NOT do any belly photo (and I speak from experience…). This looks like a horribly edited, incredibly distorted, mid-pregnancy photo.

      • You speak from your experience alone. That is not every experience. Why bash the way another woman deals with her pain? If that is actually what this is. If I made judgements on the way a woman deals with the loss of her child, I would be ashamed. I have lost one as well.

      • Totally agree. Just becuase YOU wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean that somebody else wouldn’t. God people really do look at life with blinders on, it’s kind of pathetic.

      • I completely agree with this statement (also speaking from experience). No one who has ever had a miscarriage/stillbirth would do a picture like this.

      • And lots of people who have lost children say they would never take professional pictures of them, however, there are people out there who do. Just becuase you would never, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone who has gone through the same experience as you who would. Speaking in absolutes is ignorant, I’m sorry for what you have experienced but you can’t speak for every woman in this world.

      • It doesn’t matter what kind of spin you put on it; taking a picture like this because of a miscarriage/stillbirth is tacky and doesn’t honor the deceased baby at all. In my opinion it shows a grave mental imbalance in the woman. It’s normal to grieve for the child you lost, but this (in the hypothetical situation that this picture is a memorium picture) is just weird.

    • That’s not heaven. It’s an oversaturated beach.

  6. I’ve heard of “Cry Me a River,” but “Pee me an Ocean” is a new one….

  7. Hilarious! Best part is reading the comments.

  8. I think there is a small belly there so this is not a miscarriage photo… Maybe they are depicting what its like when a persons water breaks? Or maybe this is what happens after the baby… You pee everytime you sneeze?

  9. OK, so is there a new trend of people commenting ‘it’s not that bad’ to troll the site or attempt to be funny?

    • Anonymous

      No kidding! I just assume they’re fauxtogs themselves

      • I wish they would post links to their work.

      • Right after you post links to your Angela…

      • I agree. Post links lol. I’m just here because a friend recommended this site after I kept ranting on FB about how sick I was of everyone thinking they were a photographer when their photos sucked. So I have no work to show, but I can definitely tell professional from fake and wanna-be.

      • I don’t profess to be a professional photographer, nor do I attempt to sell prints.

        I take pictures of mountains and trees and flowers and ghost towns and my dog.

        And if it’s incredibly important to you to see my work, go to Flickr and look up my handle explore ab.

  10. if the “baby bump” truely is full term, that lady has some seriously gigantic hands!!! There is so much wrong here. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never been on such a blue beach…..

  11. So… the clouds were chosen and placed right there … for.. what reason exactly? I mean it looks, apologies, as if a huge bush of cotton is assploding out from her genitalia, with the only non-blue colors, the red’ish edges of the cotton clouds symbolizing some sort of like.. her first.. menstruation? Is this really some sort of creepy like… chastity vow thing with the fathers hands crasping her abdomen to symbolize his grasp on her virginity even through her coming of age symbolized by the red hue on the “bush” flowing forth from her pants? And the cold blue beach symbolizes the cold lonely place she will be in till she gets married? Is this, in fact, a very christian image?

  12. What is this? lol

  13. The only reason I can come up with for this is that it is what the client asked for – and unless one of us can read minds (because the poster didn’t put any context or text around it) we can’t say that she did or didn’t ask for it to look this way.

    If she didn’t ask for this treatment – then I’d like to know what the photoshopper was trying to communicate via this photo.

  14. Suddenly I feel the overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom

  15. Raye Quinn Photog

    i don’t think it’s that bad…i could see a client asking for that. at least the editings ok for me…

    • Anonymous

      I clicked through to your Facebook page. I can see how you would think this isn’t that bad.

      • Oh, snap! (There really is some subpar crap on that fauxtog’s FB page.)

      • HAHA. Don, um… Where the hell is your work, Mr. pro photo man?? LOL something tells me you’re just a sub par little fatty who needs to go for a run.

      • I’m not a photographer, so why would I be pimping out a portfolio like this phony?

  16. Argh!! It’s hideous. The cloud oozing out of the pants looks terrible & the horizon line is pissing me off.

  17. BurninBiomass

    … and then her water broke.

  18. BurninBiomass

    Actually, it might be a good image to use for a bladder control product, “Depends, it will hold back your ocean”.

  19. It looks like someone used a roll of film twice.

    • Oooh, yes! I have a photo I took as a kid that always fascinated me, as it had two photos together on a print (back in aught-six, you know, when cameras had “film,” LOL). This is sort of like this. Except we have this sort of cloud/girly parts thing happening that weirds me out.

  20. Someone like this should really have the computer taken away. This image is truly repulsive.

  21. Wsroadrunner

    I’m not getting it… is that supposed to be clouds coming out of her pubes, or crabs? LOL

  22. What’s up with the “clouds” on the upper left side? The top one looks like a demon and the one under that like a u/s picture?

  23. So, I’m betting that the photo of the beach isn’t even the fauxtographer’s. It looks awesome! (by itself) The part with the hands and stomach – the technical quality doesn’t even match.

    • Of course the beach part belongs to someone else. This idiot just watched a 5 minute tutorial on how to use layers and plastered someone else’s work over his subpar baby bump photo.

  24. It’s an Avatar!

  25. Maybe it’s been said…but I’m too lazy to be arsed to read through all the comments to be certain, so forgive me for crashing straight down the sophomoric eight-lane highway that lies before me here.

    I’ll forgo the joke and cut right to the punchline, since most of you probably heard it already.

    “Now how am I supposed to get that smell out of all the fish?”

  26. I’m pretty sure that isn’t heart hands… That may be “vagina” in sign language.

  27. looks like she needs to shave as well:(

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