Just A Sample

Crazy cropping, selective coloring, baby feet emerging from nothing… A perfect sample of what not to do!

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  1. Not to mention the awful, awful skin tones and the horribly muddy “black and white” conversion. There’s just no excuse for this crap.

  2. Amongst the general shit3ness, I detest those things that parents put on their baby’s heads…..

  3. That’s really creepy! Why do people pay for this garbage?

  4. At least they know how to respect white space? Um, their shitty imagery at least has a consistency to it? No. I tried. The best I can say for this is that it speaks to the level of photography one can acquire at the fairground midway. And everyone loves a fair, right? Right?

  5. I was wondering too about this baby headgear. It seems to appear a lot in photos on this site..but is it common everywhere else too? It looks silly as hell and probably annoys most babies.

    And is it just me (going to Hell for picking on a poor baby), but is that pair of feet kind of …I dunno…odd looking? I bet Junior can play Heart And Soul on the piano with his feet.

    • …though I guess that would be HER feet….unless those silly headgear thingies are gender-neutral of course. *awkwardness* I keep waiting to see a baby with rabbit ears and an arrow through the head like vintage Steve Martin.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      Lots of babies have monkey feet, wearing shoes changes the shape of your toes into what we’re used to.

  6. Headgear looks stunning when used correctly and NOT cheap headgear like this proper headbands, top hats crochet goodies are expensive but worth every cent for some extra cuteness
    Just did a quick search but like this for example http://pinterest.com/pin/252905335294031845/

    • I agree. The one you posted is kind of cute and I don’t mind hats. Mainly it is those gigantic flowers.

      • Huge flowers, tacky light-up bows and such are the kind I mean. Proper bonnets, hats, bows and even little tiaras can be very cute.

        I keep waiting for somebody to go the-whole-dozen-donuts and find a way to put fuzzy dice or spinners on their baby’s noggin.

  7. Terribad (my new fave word, learned here!)

    Can someone tell me how/when the fad for posing infants and babies on black backdrops started? What’s so wrong with colour that it must be banished as a potential bg element? Besides, then you can always desat the baby so it doesn’t detract from the bg and props….lol 🙂

  8. Well at least Winnie and Curious look happy.

  9. is it just me or is it missing something?… a white vignette, perhaps?

  10. My eyes did not enjoy making their way around this image.

  11. Worst thing about this? They required us to do this kind of thing when I worked at JCPenny’s “portrait” studio.

  12. Even if you like the general idea, why would they make the pictures so small and leave so much black space? They must have some inkling that they are not a photographer, perhaps?

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