It’s Rather Blah

I don’t know if they are trying to sell this or if it’s just part of their portfolio. Yes, it’s a “pro” advertising services. I just don’t know you would look at this picture and think anything other than tourist snapshot. Delete it!

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  1. thats just wrong and yes delete it

  2. wow, flat, horizon line in the middle of photo, I agree, very blah.

  3. wait, wut

    and horizon crooked at that :/
    is that a person creeping into frame left? 😛

  4. Way too much foreground in this image and nothing interesting.

  5. It is crooked, over exposed, has distracting objects intruding and is just – awful!


  7. Ansel Adams died in vain!

  8. I love the way the horizon so precisely cuts the photo in half. Maybe they took the photo when they were 7?

  9. snapJim

    Not even a good tourist snapshot LOL

  10. One sells a bland pic for 4.3 million, the other gets slagged off for it…

    • Maybe someday this image will be sold for more than the “stripes” image!

    • BurninBiomass

      That image is what I thought of right away too (sorry, I didn’t read your post before I posted). The thing about Gursky’s photo (which I have to admit liking a bit) is that is is blah done well. This picture is bad blah.

  11. My son has a calendar from Pointless Sites and the images are all pointless and most are blah. This image would qualify for their next calendar!

  12. Rule of thirds! Rule of thirds!

  13. Delete in camera …don’t even think about it. It is a waste of protons, neutrons and electrons…

  14. K. Proulx

    The horizon isn’t even straight … pathetic …

  15. Needs a lighthouse or something….

  16. Wow! Nice highlights on the clouds, couldn’t have blown them out better myself!

  17. Just because they have their name and the word photography after it, does NOT mean they are a ‘pro’ photographer and no pro I know would put that as a profile pick on FB where it clearly originates.. yes it’s a bad snapshot, NO THEY ARE NOT A PRO.

  18. Most exciting feature is the uneven horizon line. Yawn.

  19. The shot might have been ok if the photo wasn’t precisely split in half, and had something interesting in the background…not to mention exposing the photo correctly. Oh hell, delete it and try again, if they dare!

  20. I think the font is more apealling than the image!

    • It is, and that’s sad considering that it’s a pretty commonly available font. But kudos to the “artist” for not using the same font as so many other people.

  21. Judging by the footprints straddling the object in the foreground, I can’t decide if it’s a beach rock or a giant turd…

  22. That’s awful. My attention was drawn to the sole object in the photo, but it turns out to just be a boring old rock. What was the point of this image? To prove that even a “professional” can point a camera at a completely random beach scene and press the shutter button without any planning or effort, like a regular person? Is that the point? To show that even professionals are people, too? Because as admirable as that sentiment is, that’s not the mindset I’d want in someone I was paying for photography.

  23. BurninBiomass

    You sir, are no Andreas Gursky…

    … not that I think its worth the 4.3 million it got, but there is something I like about it.

  24. High Horsie

    You know, if any of you happened to run across this photo in a random portfolio, I doubt it would elicit any reaction other than “meh” or “boring” (if it all for that matter)…

    But because we’re on this site, the mob mentality takes over, and all of a sudden this becomes one of the worst images to ever grace a monitor.

    I’m sure at least someone here will “throw up in his/her respective mouth” due to this horrific seascape. One the vomiting has subsided, his/her respective “eyes will begin to burn” from the shear “awfulness” of this photo.

    I really, really want to see the photos of all the critics. I have a hard time imaging that everyone here is so perfect.

    • ditto high horse

      Well said. Is it a great photo? Certainly not, it’s just bland and anemic and I don’t care for it. But is it worthy of such staunch criticism? Idk about that. Maybe to them it is serine or peaceful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like Gursky – I wouldn’t pay $10 to hang that on my wall, but obviously somebody LOVED it.

      I do wish the links would be left intact to view more of the work of the original poster… cuz some of the posts are truly train wrecks and it’s entertaining to sift through really horrid “professional” photography =)

  25. Anonymous

    This is the perfect backdrop for the alleged fauxtog to extract their alleged client out of another photo, via magic wand, and composed smack dab in the middle of this image (with no shadow, of couse). You all know it will happen.

  26. art_student13

    Rule of thirds and a CPL filter is in dire need.

    The white of the clouds and sand just kinda meld together too

  27. photographer123

    Love the pro picnicking abilities!

  28. Oh gee. Very boring shot. Overexposed. Yuck

  29. At the very least they could have chosen something to focus on, such as a cool rock or the foot prints going towards the sea. Get down low for a better perspective and possibly more interesting picture. When the whole scene isn’t that cool get down and shoot the details.

  30. Jeez. I wouldn’t even shoot it, let alone keep it!

  31. crop out the odd rocks, level the horizon, and lose the watermark, and youve got an average crappy background for a discount vacations site.

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