It’s a…..

I think it’s a wedding. In good news, these can work for a second marriage as well since you can’t tell who they are.

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  1. Could it possibly be an “artsy” shotgun wedding photo? I am not sure if that bright spot in the upper left is a pregnant belly or not…

  2. It took me FOREVER to figure out what this was a shot of! I finally noticed there’s a guy on the left; HA!

    • LOL….. glad I’m not the only one! I thought it was rings for the first few minutes!!

      • Katherine

        I don’t see it…wtf is this? I feel sorry if who/whatever this is paid for this crap

  3. Please tell me the shutter fired by accident while he was just moving around and somehow this ended up getting uploaded by mistake. This can’t really be something that they would stand by and label as “art”. Can it?

  4. What is this I don’t even?!

  5. Anonymous

    Clearly the light is god blessing this joining of souls and blinding the heretic fauxtog.

    • Rch2411 Photography

      Great Comment! LOLed for a while! Also Thought it was a Belly at first look.

  6. I love the little scary face in the background 🙂

  7. This looks like one of those ghost sighting photos.

  8. Clarissa

    Complete P.O.C.

  9. That’s really from a “pro”?? I thought it was either a bad maternity shot or somebody firing a handgun. What the heck?

  10. Can someone please explain this to me? I don;t even know what I’m looking at.

  11. Yeah.. that took me forever to realize what was going on in this photo.

  12. I thought it was a X-ray photo!

  13. This is obviously a ghost going into the light- it’s either just another work day for Jennifer Love Hewitt or SOMEONE didn’t run away from their shotgun wedding in time.

  14. michelle

    oh i get it…… its one of those pictures you stare at the mall… and if you let your eyes go crossed… you will see something…. LOL…. Nope Still don’t see ANYTHING… that’s horrible!!!

  15. Jennifer

    Ok, so I can sort of see the bride. Can someone download it, circle the groom and upload it again?! Cuz that’s what it would take for me to see a groom in there.

    • The groom’s collar is on the left, next to the bright light- his head and coat are separated by a white line. Does that help you see it?

  16. This one would have been a Trashcan as soon as I saw it in my workflow…Sigh…

    I hope that the Fauxtog didn’t really think this is art. But like so many on here – it probably is proudly displayed on his home page.

  17. I see creepy Aliens in there. Can easily qualify for extraterrestrial evidence

  18. AbsyntheGreene

    Dear Lord…

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