It’s a Bouquet!


Notice the bouquet?

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  1. Farnsworth

    All I notice is that sausage of an arm on the bride. Not only is the selective color horrible but any photog with a clue would have had the bride pose the arm in a bit more pleasant way.

  2. thats a horrible angle

  3. Wsroadrunner

    Obviously the couple wasn’t as important as the flowers…

    Somebody smash that fauxtogs camera

  4. Is there anything else but the bouquet in that picture?

    I am a fan of shooting sharp angles, but they have their time and place and that is not it.

  5. Yes, her arm looks awful (No, I am not making a comment on her weight!) Having her bend her arm, and shooting from a slightly different angle, perhaps from the groom’s side, would have helped this photo SO much. I understand the spot color, my sister wanted something similar, so that I can excuse, but that lady’s poor arm.

  6. And here comes the “don’t pick on fat people” police.

  7. i agree with others here. i dont have a problem with the bouquet shot, its the arm…..if shed been posed slightly different or the photog had been more to the grooms side…anything but the angle they used. if they particular shot was meant to only showcase the flowers then thats ok. im sure this is one of many photos of this wedding. I do very few weddings but most brides do want a photo that shows off the flowers. im sure that was the point here. they just need to shoot the bride at a more flattering position….

  8. behindthecamera

    The “color pop” ranks second only to bad HDR on my all time hit list of “this is crap”. I refuse to do this for (or rather TO) my clients. Let them go elsewhere if they insist.

  9. “No woman likes an angle from below the knees up” (a client) it’s simply not complimentary to her.

  10. Are there not courses on how to pose people, with some attention paid to the fluffier of clients?

    Oh who I’m kidding … what courses could this shooter possibly have taken?

  11. really?

    I’ve never felt the need to post here till now.. WTF was this ‘photographer’ thinking? That is a horribly unflattering pose that would have made even a thinner person look awkward.

  12. Ugh! Hope they didn’t pay this “faux”!

  13. unfortunately the angle also makes it appear that the groom is “feeling her up”

  14. Hey Rocky let me show you a magic trick…nothing up my nose!…..oh the bouquet you mean. This is like two pictures in one. A bouquet shot and a nostril shot. Frugal photography 😉

  15. Gee, and I thought it was a ham hock!

  16. So many ways that this shot could have been done better and right it’s not funny.

    It’s the photographer’s job to know how to pose subjects to make them look good – unfortunately this photographer didn’t know how to do that…

  17. I have to agree with the rest. Not even that screaming selective color was enough to take attention off that awful arm. That’s gotta be a sign that something’s seriously screwed up with the photo.

  18. I was going to say, “At least the selective color was well done,” but the end of the ribbon looks white instead of light blue, suggesting that it was left out of the coloring. So even that’s a failure.

    On the plus side, the flowers are nice. Congratulations to the florist.

  19. at least they kept the selective color tight on the bouquet and not a huge circle around it… besides that, idk what the heck they were thinking. NOT FLATTERING AT ALL!!!

  20. Derpface

    “an angle from below the knees up” It is quite difficult to pull off, but done correctly it can make the bride/woman/subject look taller and slimmer.

    This is not done correctly.

  21. Puppers1

    I know these people. I see their photos. People do pay for their work and their work ALWAYS looks like this. It’s terrible. I will not give out their page, but, they should really find another job. This one isn’t for them.

  22. BleedingHeart

    Slow down and think before you judge. obviously this is a photo for the florist who needs to build their portfolio too. Notice how her elbow fold seems to point down to her bouquet? That’s not an accident.

  23. The angle is not flattering to the bride at all. But what strikes me odd that nobody has mentioned that the bouquet is not only spot-coloured to stand out, but the contrast seems to be ramped up so much that it almost appears to have been completely post-edited into the picture.

    As for posing, there is a very helpful PDF online with somewhere around two-hundred tasteful poses of men, women, children, couples, and families. It’s a free resource anybody can use….so there’s no real good excuse for somebody to be shooting a wedding and not know more about what makes a good pose good.

  24. Puppers1

    Spike, can you give me a link to the PDF poses?

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