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50 years of combined experience, and you post THAT photo in your recruitment ad!?

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  1. I’d say the marketer will have his/her job cut out for them. Good luck trying to get top dollar customers using these pics as examples. To be fair, there might be something decent in those tiny shots I can’t make out, but hey, they are too tiny to see here. The large photo though has me hoping (as usual) that the model didn’t pay for the shot and was paid to plunk herself down on that mess. Fifty years experience and you need help marketing yourself? Strangely I’m surprised and at the same time not surprised at all.

  2. Maybe “we have 50 years of experience” means there are 50 people and they each have one year.
    They could also use a proofreader (oddly random capitalized words, use of “handicapped” – this is 2015! – ‘Cold Calling’ inexplicably in single quotations (huh?), Lap-Top computer [sic]) – marketing is the least of their problems.

  3. C’mon, it’s Craigslist, this IS on par with the quality and standard shown there! 😉

  4. Is the girl include in the commissions?

    • reddit armie

      as far as i’m concerned, they can keep her. actually if she’s on site, i quit

  5. They said “50 years of combined […]”. Well, maybe they are 75 people and each one has… well, less than one year experience….

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