In the Bag

The baby in a bag trend is especially creepy when it’s done poorly.

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  1. love how its not even composed right! wtf!!!

  2. Christie Mathis

    woah that is inappropriate!!

  3. That baby looks so sad too. Bet he or she is thinking “why don’t my parents love me?”

  4. Bandidog

    It`s most likely someone from SOA,LOL.

  5. I love the photographer’s originality in trying to demonstrate how a baby dump job is done.

    -________- because as a parent that is how I want to remember my baby.

  6. Captain:OMG we caught one!!! Quick grab a camera nobody is going to believe this!!!!
    Worker Drone: we don’t have the right flash
    Captain:Jesus boy just use the one that came on the thing!!!!

  7. trillian

    The dirty blankets go in the laundry bag, NOT the baby.

  8. The baby’s like, Get me the hell outa here!!! lol

  9. This is just pitiful. I can’t even hate on the photography (which is horrid) at the moment because it’s just pitiful.

  10. Clearly an attempt at simulating Anne Geddes hanging womb shots…

    Which even done by a professional like Anne, I see as irresponsible and unprofessional…. Not to mention it’s just plain unattractive.

    • I agree…i watch that vid and the entire time i was thinking
      1. that looks stupid
      2. its dangerous and definitely irresponsible

      jusy my opinion…but i think its a silly idea. as for the one above….just….urgh!

  11. I’ve seen it done well and it’s not creepy it looks quite cute actually… but this – not so much.

  12. Problem numero uno: That baby looks several months too old for this trick to work.

  13. That poor baby looks so uncomfortable!

  14. A photographer

    Did the kidnappers say what the ransom was?

  15. Doesn’t even look good when Anne does it…sorry – another fad that I won’t be copying.

  16. The turkey goes in the bag not the baby!!!

  17. The “checked” thing that we all love: mosquito net, checked. Baby, checked. Camera, checked. Irresponsible and untalented photographer, checked.

  18. I just *really* hate this. Creepy is an understatement. This is terrible on so many levels that I won’t waste time listing the obvious.

    One thing I do want to mention….There have been times that I’ve looked at genuiely good photographer’s portraits of newborns/babies and had an instant dislike, or discomfort while viewing them. The lighting was good and they shots were well composed. It took me a while to put a finger on what it was….It’s the shots that don’t look cozy or comforting to the baby. Think naked baby on a chair…well done it can be a beautiful shot – but it makes me feel subtly uncomfortable. The shot comes across as cold and hard. Same with the “baby on the shelf.” Looks artsy, but makes me feel like somebody set the baby down and forgot it. Little tweaks can sometimes make a difference…a blanket for example. Once I saw a nicely lit portrait of a newborn on a dock, surrounded by water. I had this urge to jump through the picture and “rescue” the baby, rather than appreciating “art.”

  19. Simply hideous !!

  20. child abuse. plain and simple.

  21. Anonymous

    Horrid Imaging aside – isn’t this dangerous? I mean seriously, isn’t this 100% dangerous for the infant? Suffocation comes to mind first, but there are 30 other reasons I can think of that make me sure this is dangerous.

  22. This feels so dangerous and awkward…

  23. strike one- baby is AWAKE
    strike two- baby is obviously about to cry
    strike three- baby is too old to be posed that way
    Why imitate? Do your own thing!

  24. Poorly done. The baby looks squished and kind of dead, like a medical specimen.

    I’m not familiar with Anne Geddes’ version of this so I don’t know how it “should” look, but this does not say “Symbolic image of a baby safe in its womb” to me. It says, “Hey honey, let’s stick the baby in a laundry bag and take a picture of it!”

    What’s next? Dump the kid unceremoniously in an old plant pot? A wagon? A breadbox? Let’s see how many places we can shove the kid and hope he doesn’t fall off while we get a hasty picture of it! Maybe people are trading this for that old “America’s Funniest Home Videos” staged crotch-injury videos? When the kid sees this later in life, is he going to say, “Wow, how symbolic and meaningful…oh, how I am loved” or “Why the f*** did you stick me in a bag?”

    And I reiterate: Not even well done. So…next!

  25. I’m so sick of these horribly contrived, awful shots of babies and children. I swear, this kind of crap even takes away from better shots of kids — there’s so much BAD out there, it can make you really jaded toward ANY child photography and after awhile it just all blends together, to the point that it’s like, “No, I really just don’t want to look at any more goddamn pictures of babies; sorry.”

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