An Eye

I really hope they made this their Christmas card. I want to imagine their friends and family opening the card and screaming in horror.


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  1. It’s fun and cute to photograph parts of a baby up close…but….Not. Like. That!

  2. This pic is especially awful to me because I have a major aversion to eyes. I have a hard time looking at my own eyes when putting on eyeliner. I can not look closely at other peoples eye’s especially if they are doing something to them, like putting contacts in, putting makeup on… etc. This is just terrible… ugh

  3. Oh NO!! MY eyes!!!!

  4. ok so let’s be constructive…what could have helped this image (besides the “delete” option)
    1. it’s not in focus – the eye is essential and (almost) always needs to be in focus
    2. the angle is off – why not shoot straight on. very very few parts of any body look good shot from below
    3. where is the eye looking? just above and to the right of the fauxtog… it looks like the baby is terrified of whatever it’s seeing. If you only want 1 eye in the image (for whatever “artistic” reason) then please have it looking into the lens or straight off to the side.
    4. greyscale does not work for every image. especially poor greyscale conversions. please just take 5 minutes and look at the x hundreds of free online tutorials on how to properly convert to a B&W image
    5. white vignettes are so 1970. they don’t work for any image. really. not any image. ever. if you must add a white vignette then please do it ironically…and have a keyhole silhouette so others know you’re being sarcastic.
    6. composition: bulls-eye images never look good. it is not necessary to position your subject dead in the center of the frame. you should guide your viewers eye around the image – whatever is the most important thing should be the first thing your viewer sees (you are in control of this – with composition, lighting, focal point, etc) and then your viewer should “want” to continue looking at your image…guided by what you want them to see next. A bulls-eye image just makes the viewers eye go directly to the center and stay there…or leave because there’s nothing else to see.
    and finally 7. there is a highlight in the eye (that’s a good makes the eye look “less dead”) but ideally the highlight should be closer to the pupil – not in the center of the pupil but closer to the pupil… again this is where the camera angle comes into play. this fauxtog chose(?) to have it almost in the white of the eye…yeah, no.
    ok, wait..there is a #8. peers… peers are great for helping all levels of photographers edit images. You can join or even flickr groups (both for free) – put some images up and invite some constructive criticism… maybe this fauxtog really liked this image or thought it was cool – before you publish images under your professional name it’s a great idea to get some feedback from others of what works and what doesn’t. it’s really the only way to grow – well that and constantly learning. You can’t listen to your family and friends and expect honest answers – unless they are all photographers or designers and understand what you should be creating…”that’s great” reply for every image does not help one to grow.

  5. @Mika – You are making an assumption this fauxtog knew anything about photography at all, and they needed constructive criticism. No one who knows the very very basics about photography would ever have posted that photo in their fan page stream, kept it…or even shot it at all.

    Hey, YANAP! You should make a “wall of shame” page where the worst of the worst photos are kept so fauxtogs could be pointed to that page to see this is what you DON’T do.

    • actually I don’t really know anything about that fauxtog…other than this one shot. I added my thoughts on how it could be better as that seemed to be a more useful reply than “OMG!!!”. There are many here who may not like the image but may also not really know why it doesn’t work – or how to avoid such failures. I didn’t assume anything…as everyone seeing this image only has the image to go on – no info on the fauxtog, his/her bio or other images.

    • Alanna –

      You get better by getting constructive criticism like Mika gave the fauxtographer. Simply saying “OMG” or DELETE all the time doesn’t tell them what they are doing wrong. (If they even read this site, which they probably don’t)

      We’ve all had photos that we thought were great or at least good, but when someone objectively looks at them – they find things that could be improved – Hell, I’ve even had photos that I thought were good that people looked at objectively and said they suck. But again the point is that if they just said that sucks or delete – I wouldn’t have gotten better.

      And fyi – if you think you can’t learn anything more – You’re done.

  6. Maybe this fauxtog is into Surrealism. In that case–and aye for an eye . . . 🙂

  7. It kind of reminds me of the Blair Witch Project. “Eye am so scared right now.”

  8. Anonymous

    It looks like it’s straight from the Twilight Zone lol

  9. It is meant to scare the shit of out others. Thats normal.

  10. Really??? No seriously, REALLY??????

  11. Anonymous

    Looks like the baby was crying. I would cry if I knew I was going to be in a crappy photo like that.

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